The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5
Evesham Archery Club (EAC)
Badsey Recreation Club, Evesham, 15-16 Jul 2023
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5
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Recurve Men
1HUSTON Patrick22012201 - East Belfast AC 
  East Belfast AC
2HALL Conor780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
3WOODGATE James246246 - Woking AC 
  Woking AC
4ORTON Monty731731 - Meriden AC 
  Meriden AC
5WISE Alex908908 - B of Walker 
  B of Walker
6DAVIES Steve780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
7HALL Tom731731 - Meriden AC 
  Meriden AC
8CASTILLO-ALQUEZAR Roger817817 - Selby A 
  Selby A
9HAYDEN Gavin618618 - Supermarine B 
  Supermarine B
10HOLDEN Ryan780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
11PEI Yang268268 - Oxford Uni C of A 
  Oxford Uni C of A
12CALDEIRA-HANKEY Robert410410 - Cody B 
  Cody B
13SPENCER-NICE Riley12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
14WOOD Antony272272 - Oxford A 
  Oxford A
15THOMPSON Daniel44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
16WHITE Richard263263 - Chessington B 
  Chessington B
17OAKLEY Max780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
18ROWE Alex654654 - Redruth A 
  Redruth A
19GOBLE Wayne421421 - Forest of Bere B 
  Forest of Bere B
20JUDD Michael458458 - Mayflower A 
  Mayflower A
21THOMAS Alexander570570 - Cleve A 
  Cleve A
22MEDHURST Charlie692692 - Redhill A 
  Redhill A
23DACE Daniel15001500 - Netherhall A 
  Netherhall A
24CHEUNG Sum Hin Moses214214 - Worthing AC 
  Worthing AC
25NEWLANDS Callum18251825 - Moray Archery 
  Moray Archery
26WOODGATE Christopher717717 - Uni Of Warwick 
  Uni Of Warwick
27GIBSON York570570 - Cleve A 
  Cleve A
28ARMSTRONG Joshua786786 - Long Mynd A 
  Long Mynd A
29MOHAMMED Ahmad44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
30RAJAPANDIAN Malcolm252252 - Royal Richmond AC 
  Royal Richmond AC
31OAKES Will971971 - Wilford Bowmen (Notts) 
  Wilford Bowmen (Notts)
32LEDWICK Hayden27412741 - Waterwheel Field Archers 
  Waterwheel Field Archers
33BOYD Shay15651565 - Largs Junior 
  Largs Junior
33BROWN Neil17081708 - Gordano Valley A 
  Gordano Valley A
33BROWN Thomas816816 - Sheffield Uni AC 
  Sheffield Uni AC
33CALDEIRA-HANKEY Robert410410 - Cody B 
  Cody B
33CHAN Nathan13801380 - Uni of Exeter AC 
  Uni of Exeter AC
33CLAMPIN Ian464464 - West Essex B 
  West Essex B
33EASTON Laurence12101210 - Noak Hill A 
  Noak Hill A
33EDWARDS Lee694694 - Malvern A 
  Malvern A
33ESHRAGHI-YAZDI Kian816816 - Sheffield Uni AC 
  Sheffield Uni AC
33FAULKNER Daniel427427 - Andover A 
  Andover A
33HADFIELD Leigh921921 - Winnington Park B 
  Winnington Park B
33HALLARD Samuel697697 - Evesham AC 
  Evesham AC
33HARDING Keith22002200 - Clickers AC 
  Clickers AC
33HARRIS Tom25712571 - Eagle Bowman of Bedford 
  Eagle Bowman of Bedford
33HINCKLEY Phil780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
33HORNE Allan12101210 - Noak Hill A 
  Noak Hill A
33HURSHAM Ian464464 - West Essex B 
  West Essex B
33JENNER David15001500 - Netherhall A 
  Netherhall A
33KANNAN Sathish Kumar498498 - Newport Pagnell A 
  Newport Pagnell A
33LAMBIE Kevin210210 - High Weald AC 
  High Weald AC
33LIKELY Matthew817817 - Selby A 
  Selby A
33MAY Matthew19521952 - Sittingbourne Com Coll A 
  Sittingbourne Com Coll A
33PIGGOTT Callum780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
33SHARPE Matthew259259 - Guildford AC 
  Guildford AC
33TANG Midas366366 - Abbey B (Herts) 
  Abbey B (Herts)
33THOMPSON Gary825825 - Ebor A 
  Ebor A
33TITTENSOR Paul881881 - Eccles Archery Club Limited 
  Eccles Archery Club Limited
33WALBY Samuel268268 - Oxford Uni C of A 
  Oxford Uni C of A
33WARWICK Luke27382738 - Towcester Archers 
  Towcester Archers
33WEBB Peter694694 - Malvern A 
  Malvern A
33WELLS Jack816816 - Sheffield Uni AC 
  Sheffield Uni AC