The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall NSCC, Shropshire, 24 Jun 2023
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
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Compound Women
1CARPENTER Izzy831831 - Barnsley AC 
  Barnsley AC
2LOADER Victoria430430 - AC Delco B 
  AC Delco B
3WAKEFIELD Amy438438 - Jolly A 
  Jolly A
4FOSTER Lizzie907907 - Cleadon A 
  Cleadon A
5SCOTT Chloe637637 - B of Wadebridge 
  B of Wadebridge
6A'BEAR Chloe12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
7CHAPPELL Grace12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
8BOULTON Hallie44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
9DUNCANSON Pamela907907 - Cleadon A 
  Cleadon A
9HOLMES Jacquie697697 - Evesham AC 
  Evesham AC
9HOWARD Lindsay11411141 - Thirsk B 
  Thirsk B
9MCGUANE Mia19521952 - Sittingbourne Com Coll A 
  Sittingbourne Com Coll A
9MERRY Nat272272 - Oxford A 
  Oxford A
9MOONEY Emma21892189 - Goldcrest A 
  Goldcrest A
9STEWART Josephine199199 - St Andrews Uni AC 
  St Andrews Uni AC
9SWORD Michelle333333 - Swan A 
  Swan A
17ANNISON Layla22962296 - Wymondham A 
  Wymondham A
17BASSETT Louise12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
17BODE Amy780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
17BRUGUIER Isabella312312 - Crystal Palace B 
  Crystal Palace B
17BRYAN Jenny739739 - Uni of Birmingham AC 
  Uni of Birmingham AC
17CLASON Stephanie13111311 - Edinburgh University AC A 
  Edinburgh University AC A
17GEDDES Robyn13221322 - Lethen A 
  Lethen A
17JAMES Jessica907907 - Cleadon A 
  Cleadon A
17MCCULLOCK Allison944944 - Beacon A (Cumbria) 
  Beacon A (Cumbria)
17PATERSON PINE Phoebe12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
17POLLITT Jessica928928 - Neston C of A 
  Neston C of A
17ROBB Kirsty919919 - New Century B (Cheshire) 
  New Century B (Cheshire)
17SERVINI Rhiannon7979 - Llantarnam AC 
  Llantarnam AC
17STRETTON Jessica44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
17THOMAS Clare6666 - Neath A 
  Neath A
17WALKER Violet780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
33BENNETT Lauren21002100 - Bitton A 
  Bitton A
33GASCOYNE Aimee22732273 - Aequus A 
  Aequus A
33HALLIDAY-NODEN Rhona23272327 - Gronant B 
  Gronant B
33SHORT Amber10371037 - Burton Bridge A 
  Burton Bridge A
33WONG Shuk Kuen119119 - Links A 
  Links A