The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall NSCC, Shropshire, 24 Jun 2023
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 3 (The UK Masters - Day 1)
Entries by Name
A'BEAR Chloe45C1246 - DEER PARK ACompound WomenQualification Round
ALI Yusuf18B1019 - B OF GLENRecurve MenQualification Round
ANNISON Layla50D2296 - WYMONDHAM ACompound WomenQualification Round
ARMSTRONG Joshua26B786 - LONG MYND ARecurve MenQualification Round
AXUP Katie29B1010 - LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS AC (UNI)Longbow WomenQualification Round
BAGGOTT Mark20C1981 - WOLF ARecurve MenQualification Round
BAINTON Aaron67C809 - YORK A SOCIETYCompound MenQualification Round
BALE Martin30D1339 - RIVERNOOK BLongbow MenQualification Round
BARWISE Ralph43A759 - STAFFORD ABarebow MenQualification Round
BASSETT Louise47A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound WomenQualification Round
BEASLEY-SUFFOLK Hannah4A2627 - PEACOCK ARCHERSRecurve WomenQualification Round
BENNETT Lauren49B2100 - BITTON ACompound WomenQualification Round
BETTLES Sarah4D1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve WomenQualification Round
BIRLEY Joseph17D809 - YORK A SOCIETYRecurve MenQualification Round
BLAKE HURLEY Connor32D1373 - SWANSEA UNILongbow MenQualification Round
BODE Amy46C780 - BOWBROOK ACompound WomenQualification Round
BOTTLE Chris65C672 - BROMYARD BCompound MenQualification Round
BOULTON Hallie45D4 - ARCHERY GBCompound WomenQualification Round
BOYD Shay22B1565 - LARGS JUNIORRecurve MenQualification Round
BRIDGEWATER Neil61D1390 - HINXWORTH ACCompound MenQualification Round
BROOKS Andy65B2374 - SIX TOWNS C OF ACompound MenQualification Round
BROWN Helen33B872 - B OF PENDLE & SAMLESBURYBarebow WomenQualification Round
BROWN Thomas16A816 - SHEFFIELD UNI ACRecurve MenQualification Round
BRUGUIER Isabella51C312 - CRYSTAL PALACE BCompound WomenQualification Round
BRYAN Jenny49D739 - UNI OF BIRMINGHAM ACCompound WomenQualification Round
BURGESS Richard41A483 - BRAINTREE BBarebow MenQualification Round
BURNAGE Hannah10A717 - UNI OF WARWICKRecurve WomenQualification Round
BUSBY Duncan60A1624 - BLACKTHORN BCompound MenQualification Round
CALDEIRA-HANKEY Robert18A410 - CODY BRecurve MenQualification Round
CALDEIRA-HANKEY Robert19A410 - CODY BRecurve MenQualification Round
CAMPBELL David17B853 - ASSHETON BRecurve MenQualification Round
CARPENTER Adam57C831 - BARNSLEY ACCompound MenQualification Round
CARPENTER Izzy47D831 - BARNSLEY ACCompound WomenQualification Round
CARR Trevor39A873 - NETHERMOSS ABarebow MenQualification Round
CASTILLO-ALQUEZAR Roger23D817 - SELBY ARecurve MenQualification Round
CHAMPION Wayne57B77 - ST KINGSMARK BCompound MenQualification Round
CHAN Kah Chung68C967 - BEESTON RYLANDS ACompound MenQualification Round
CHAN Nathan26A1380 - UNI OF EXETER ACRecurve MenQualification Round
CHAPPELL Grace47C1246 - DEER PARK ACompound WomenQualification Round
CHARD Charlotte10B1267 - UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
CHEUNG Sum Hin Moses12C214 - WORTHING ACRecurve MenQualification Round
CHUMBER Amelia36B1210 - NOAK HILL ABarebow WomenQualification Round
CLAMPIN Ella5B464 - WEST ESSEX BRecurve WomenQualification Round
CLAMPIN Ian12B464 - WEST ESSEX BRecurve MenQualification Round
CLARK Finlay58A809 - YORK A SOCIETYCompound MenQualification Round
CLARK Ian57A1800 - B OF ST MARY'SCompound MenQualification Round
CLASON Stephanie50B1311 - EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY AC ACompound WomenQualification Round
COLLINS Jennifer5A780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve WomenQualification Round
COOK Robert42C941 - ALSAGER C OF ABarebow MenQualification Round
CORNFORD James65D919 - NEW CENTURY B (CHESHIRE)Compound MenQualification Round
COSSEY Harry32A1210 - NOAK HILL ALongbow MenQualification Round
COSTALL Megan5C778 - HAFREN FORESTERS A.CRecurve WomenQualification Round
CROW Dillon59C907 - CLEADON ACompound MenQualification Round
CURRUMS Alex2D940 - BEBINGTON ARecurve WomenQualification Round
DACE Daniel26C1500 - NETHERHALL ARecurve MenQualification Round
DADD Tamara37B809 - YORK A SOCIETYBarebow WomenQualification Round
DANCE Trevor23B660 - EXMOUTH ARecurve MenQualification Round
DAVIES Steve15D780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
DAVIS Luke62C427 - ANDOVER ACompound MenQualification Round
DEVI Asha36D4 - ARCHERY GBBarebow WomenQualification Round
DOCHERTY Chris39B582 - B OF THE DEANSBarebow MenQualification Round
DOHERTY Kim34B872 - B OF PENDLE & SAMLESBURYBarebow WomenQualification Round
DONALDSON Cameron19C907 - CLEADON ARecurve MenQualification Round
DRISCOLL Chloe34C1294 - CYMRIC ABarebow WomenQualification Round
DUNCANSON Kevin69C907 - CLEADON ACompound MenQualification Round
DUNCANSON Pamela45A907 - CLEADON ACompound WomenQualification Round
EASTON Laurence15B1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve MenQualification Round
EASTON Rhiannon2A1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve WomenQualification Round
EDGELEY Ffion3A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve WomenQualification Round
EDWARDS Lee21A694 - MALVERN ARecurve MenQualification Round
EDWARDS Stephen61A79 - LLANTARNAM ACCompound MenQualification Round
FABRIS Sandrine35B2273 - AEQUUS ABarebow WomenQualification Round
FAULKNER Daniel24B427 - ANDOVER ARecurve MenQualification Round
FISHER-JONES Daniel38A873 - NETHERMOSS ABarebow MenQualification Round
FLINT David30C2272 - SEVENOAKS ACLongbow MenQualification Round
FOSTER Lizzie48C907 - CLEADON ACompound WomenQualification Round
FREARSON Luke68A4 - ARCHERY GBCompound MenQualification Round
FREEMAN Hamish30B853 - ASSHETON BLongbow MenQualification Round
GADD Cliff29D4 - ARCHERY GBLongbow MenQualification Round
GASCOYNE Aimee50A2273 - AEQUUS ACompound WomenQualification Round
GEDALOVITCH Anthony38C1210 - NOAK HILL ABarebow MenQualification Round
GEDDES Debbie9B1322 - LETHEN ARecurve WomenQualification Round
GEDDES Robyn53A1322 - LETHEN ACompound WomenQualification Round
GEORGE Amanda6D544 - BURNHAM C OF ARecurve WomenQualification Round
GIBSON York20A570 - CLEVE ARecurve MenQualification Round
GIDDINGS Rebecca11C896 - DURHAM UNI ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
GILDER Sally1C697 - EVESHAM ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
GOBLE Wayne18C421 - FOREST OF BERE BRecurve MenQualification Round
GREEN El28B1077 - UNI OF PLYMOUTHLongbow WomenQualification Round
GREEN Robert20B941 - ALSAGER C OF ARecurve MenQualification Round
GULVIN Samuel27D1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve MenQualification Round
HADFIELD Leigh19D921 - WINNINGTON PARK BRecurve MenQualification Round
HALE Jordan44A436 - ST NEOTS BBarebow MenQualification Round
HALE Tyler59A1418 - SOUTH LEEDS ACompound MenQualification Round
HALL Conor14D780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
HALL Tom16C731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve MenQualification Round
HALLARD Samuel22D697 - EVESHAM ACRecurve MenQualification Round
HALLIDAY-NODEN Rhona48B2327 - GRONANT BCompound WomenQualification Round
HARDING Keith13C2200 - CLICKERS ACRecurve MenQualification Round
HARRIS Jamie64D697 - EVESHAM ACCompound MenQualification Round
HASLAM Lewis64C1035 - DERWENT BCompound MenQualification Round
HAVERS Megan5D1019 - B OF GLENRecurve WomenQualification Round
HAYDAY James44C662 - EXETER C OF ABarebow MenQualification Round
HEMPSALL Charlotte7C871 - ROCHDALE C OF ARecurve WomenQualification Round
HINCKLEY Phil14A780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
HINCKLEY Yulia3C780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve WomenQualification Round
HOLDEN Ryan12D780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
HOLDER Alan43C421 - FOREST OF BERE BBarebow MenQualification Round
HOLMES Jacquie46A697 - EVESHAM ACCompound WomenQualification Round
HORNE Allan16B1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve MenQualification Round
HOTCHKISS Patricia37D421 - FOREST OF BERE BBarebow WomenQualification Round
HOWARD Lindsay55D1141 - THIRSK BCompound WomenQualification Round
HUBBARD Sarah36C2296 - WYMONDHAM ABarebow WomenQualification Round
HUDSON Sheila28A810 - WHITE ROSE ALongbow WomenQualification Round
HUGHES Emelia2B731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
HURSHAM Ian13B464 - WEST ESSEX BRecurve MenQualification Round
HURSHAM Sofia11B438 - JOLLY ARecurve WomenQualification Round
HUSTON Patrick13D2201 - EAST BELFAST ACRecurve MenQualification Round
INGLE-JONES Liam38B582 - B OF THE DEANSBarebow MenQualification Round
IVANOV Kayleigh4B1261 - BALBARDIE ARecurve WomenQualification Round
JACKSON Thomas68D1654 - BLANDY JENKINS ACompound MenQualification Round
JAMES Jessica52D907 - CLEADON ACompound WomenQualification Round
JAMES Katriona11A2350 - PARADOX ARecurve WomenQualification Round
JAMIESON Gilbert21C1261 - BALBARDIE ARecurve MenQualification Round
JENNER David25D1500 - NETHERHALL ARecurve MenQualification Round
JIBRAIL Jason27B2350 - PARADOX ARecurve MenQualification Round
JOGIREDDY Kalhan42A1582 - SOUTH BUCKS ABarebow MenQualification Round
JUDD Michael15C458 - MAYFLOWER ARecurve MenQualification Round
KANNAN Sathish Kumar22C498 - NEWPORT PAGNELL ARecurve MenQualification Round
KELLS Michael66B333 - SWAN ACompound MenQualification Round
KELSEY Dominic24D1267 - UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM ACRecurve MenQualification Round
KILGALLON Daniel41B2499 - UCLAN ARCHERS (UNI)Barebow MenQualification Round
LABLAIKS Oskars60B809 - YORK A SOCIETYCompound MenQualification Round
LAMBIE Kevin25B210 - HIGH WEALD ACRecurve MenQualification Round
LANE Thomas63C971 - WILFORD BOWMEN (NOTTS)Compound MenQualification Round
LANGDON-REICH Alexandra11D816 - SHEFFIELD UNI ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
LAWRENCE Mark31A1210 - NOAK HILL ALongbow MenQualification Round
LAWRENCE Sharon29C1210 - NOAK HILL ALongbow WomenQualification Round
LEDWICK Nikki35A2571 - EAGLE BOWMAN OF BEDFORDBarebow WomenQualification Round
LILLIE Peter14B1363 - BURTON JOYCE ARecurve MenQualification Round
LOADER Victoria51D430 - AC DELCO BCompound WomenQualification Round
LOUCA Mary33D532 - CLOPHILL ACBarebow WomenQualification Round
LULEK Craig38D2189 - GOLDCREST ABarebow MenQualification Round
MACKRILL Jamie62A340 - 1065 ACCompound MenQualification Round
MACQUEEN Nathan56D1261 - BALBARDIE ACompound MenQualification Round
MALLET Eric30A1210 - NOAK HILL ALongbow MenQualification Round
MARTEL David64A694 - MALVERN ACompound MenQualification Round
MARTIN Joanne8C301 - AQUARIUS ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
MASON James59D1624 - BLACKTHORN BCompound MenQualification Round
MAY Matthew15A1952 - SITTINGBOURNE COM COLL ARecurve MenQualification Round
MCCOMISKIE Samantha9D759 - STAFFORD ARecurve WomenQualification Round
MCCULLOCK Allison52C944 - BEACON A (CUMBRIA)Compound WomenQualification Round
MCGUANE Mia54A1952 - SITTINGBOURNE COM COLL ACompound WomenQualification Round
MEADOWS Lucas61B788 - AUDCO ACompound MenQualification Round
MEDHURST Charlie27A692 - REDHILL ARecurve MenQualification Round
MEERING Sophie2C4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve WomenQualification Round
MERRY Nat52A272 - OXFORD ACompound WomenQualification Round
MITCHELL Steve43B1363 - BURTON JOYCE ABarebow MenQualification Round
MOHAMMED Ahmad26D4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve MenQualification Round
MOON Rachel1A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve WomenQualification Round
MOONEY Emma51A2189 - GOLDCREST ACompound WomenQualification Round
MORRIS Stephen42D427 - ANDOVER ABarebow MenQualification Round
MURFITT James60D430 - AC DELCO BCompound MenQualification Round
MURPHY William59B1654 - BLANDY JENKINS ACompound MenQualification Round
NASON-SMITH Adam32B340 - 1065 ACLongbow MenQualification Round
NEITH Becky7A427 - ANDOVER ARecurve WomenQualification Round
NEWBY Imogen6A1186 - TEAM SURREY ARCHERYRecurve WomenQualification Round
O'SULLIVAN Lucy48D431 - JERSEY ARCHERY SOCIETYCompound WomenQualification Round
OAKLEY Max13A780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
OATEN Christopher41D64 - CASTLE B (GLAMORGAN)Barebow MenQualification Round
OLUFSEN Sandra35D427 - ANDOVER ABarebow WomenQualification Round
OTTERSON Victoria9A173 - AYR ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
PARKER Nadine34D292 - LALEHAM ACBarebow WomenQualification Round
PATERSON PINE Phoebe46D1246 - DEER PARK ACompound WomenQualification Round
PEERS Timothy25C942 - WIRRAL ARecurve MenQualification Round
PHILLIPS David21D79 - LLANTARNAM ACRecurve MenQualification Round
PHILLIPS Jonathan24C119 - LINKS ARecurve MenQualification Round
PIGGOTT Callum12A780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve MenQualification Round
PIPER Eleanor1D246 - WOKING ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
PIPER Louisa3D246 - WOKING ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
PLATT Callum63D739 - UNI OF BIRMINGHAM ACCompound MenQualification Round
POLLITT Andrew67B928 - NESTON C OF ACompound MenQualification Round
POLLITT Jessica53B928 - NESTON C OF ACompound WomenQualification Round
PORTER Hannah28D538 - COASTAL ALongbow WomenQualification Round
POTTER Laura34A940 - BEBINGTON ABarebow WomenQualification Round
PUNJABI Shauna7B263 - CHESSINGTON BRecurve WomenQualification Round
QURESHI Shai69D1363 - BURTON JOYCE ACompound MenQualification Round
RADIGAN Cameron20D173 - AYR ACRecurve MenQualification Round
RADOMSKA Sylwia8B299 - B OF HARROWRecurve WomenQualification Round
RAJAPANDIAN Malcolm23A252 - ROYAL RICHMOND ACRecurve MenQualification Round
RAVENSCROFT Adam61C1005 - THE FOXESCompound MenQualification Round
REES Ioan60C79 - LLANTARNAM ACCompound MenQualification Round
REILLY Stuart56A430 - AC DELCO BCompound MenQualification Round
RICHARDS Carl57D731 - MERIDEN ACCompound MenQualification Round
RICHARDSON Thomas69A4 - ARCHERY GBCompound MenQualification Round
ROBB Kirsty55C919 - NEW CENTURY B (CHESHIRE)Compound WomenQualification Round
ROGERS Thea7D77 - ST KINGSMARK BRecurve WomenQualification Round
ROSE Amanda37A921 - WINNINGTON PARK BBarebow WomenQualification Round
ROWBOTHAM Erik17A1311 - EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY AC ARecurve MenQualification Round
RUBIO Sara10D1625 - SOUTHAMPTON ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
RUSSELL Sarah8A532 - CLOPHILL ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
SCOTT Ajay62D2214 - UNI OF KENTCompound MenQualification Round
SCOTT Andrew66C637 - B OF WADEBRIDGECompound MenQualification Round
SCOTT Chloe49C637 - B OF WADEBRIDGECompound WomenQualification Round
SEMMENS Charlie28C659 - KENWITH CO ALongbow WomenQualification Round
SERVINI Rhiannon53D79 - LLANTARNAM ACCompound WomenQualification Round
SHARPE Matthew24A259 - GUILDFORD ACRecurve MenQualification Round
SHIELDS Alastair65A173 - AYR ACCompound MenQualification Round
SHOESMITH Kirsten33A940 - BEBINGTON ABarebow WomenQualification Round
SHORT Amber47B1037 - BURTON BRIDGE ACompound WomenQualification Round
SLATER Lorraine29A1892 - NOVA BLongbow WomenQualification Round
SOBIERAJ Malgorzata4C814 - AIRE VALLEY ARecurve WomenQualification Round
SPEED Daniel62B687 - STOURBRIDGE C OF ACompound MenQualification Round
SPELLANE Roger32C301 - AQUARIUS ACLongbow MenQualification Round
SPENCER Paul40A873 - NETHERMOSS ABarebow MenQualification Round
SPENCER-NICE Riley25A1246 - DEER PARK ARecurve MenQualification Round
SPINKS Ellie36A2002 - RAF CONINGSBY ABarebow WomenQualification Round
STEWART Josephine49A199 - ST ANDREWS UNI ACCompound WomenQualification Round
STRETTON Jessica54D4 - ARCHERY GBCompound WomenQualification Round
SUCIU Lucian22A299 - B OF HARROWRecurve MenQualification Round
SULLIVAN-BELL Imogen6C2687 - ARCHWAYS TDHRecurve WomenQualification Round
SUTTON Christopher40D731 - MERIDEN ACBarebow MenQualification Round
SWORD Michelle53C333 - SWAN ACompound WomenQualification Round
THOMAS Clare51B66 - NEATH ACompound WomenQualification Round
THOMAS Matthew67A942 - WIRRAL ACompound MenQualification Round
THOMAS-PRAUSE Kai56C210 - HIGH WEALD ACCompound MenQualification Round
THOMPSON Gary19B825 - EBOR ARecurve MenQualification Round
TIPPING Rebekah1B731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve WomenQualification Round
TONKINSON Katie10C1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve WomenQualification Round
TUFFS Paul31B547 - BATH ALongbow MenQualification Round
TURNER Mark40C1210 - NOAK HILL ABarebow MenQualification Round
VAN KLEEF-BOLTON Wilco39C1210 - NOAK HILL ABarebow MenQualification Round
VOS Jamie31C2272 - SEVENOAKS ACLongbow MenQualification Round
WAKEFIELD Amy55A438 - JOLLY ACompound WomenQualification Round
WALKER Ian67D780 - BOWBROOK ACompound MenQualification Round
WALKER MBE John58D4 - ARCHERY GBCompound MenQualification Round
WALKER Violet45B780 - BOWBROOK ACompound WomenQualification Round
WALSH Jake66D1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGECompound MenQualification Round
WALSH John40B921 - WINNINGTON PARK BBarebow MenQualification Round
WALSH Stuart39D2189 - GOLDCREST ABarebow MenQualification Round
WEBSTER Collette8D1294 - CYMRIC ARecurve WomenQualification Round
WELLS Jack17C816 - SHEFFIELD UNI ACRecurve MenQualification Round
WHITE Christopher58C731 - MERIDEN ACCompound MenQualification Round
WHITE Richard18D263 - CHESSINGTON BRecurve MenQualification Round
WHITISH Aubrey35C1654 - BLANDY JENKINS ABarebow WomenQualification Round
WHITTINGHAM Derek66A932 - CHESHIRE COUNTY BCompound MenQualification Round
WILLIAMS Colin64B66 - NEATH ACompound MenQualification Round
WILLIAMS Emily37C731 - MERIDEN ACBarebow WomenQualification Round
WILLIAMS Karen9C660 - EXMOUTH ARecurve WomenQualification Round
WILLIAMS Scott31D660 - EXMOUTH ALongbow MenQualification Round
WILLIAMS Thomas41C337 - LEAVES GREEN BBarebow MenQualification Round
WONG Matthew63A119 - LINKS ACompound MenQualification Round
WONG Shuk Kuen54C119 - LINKS ACompound WomenQualification Round
WOOD Antony23C272 - OXFORD ARecurve MenQualification Round
WOOD Patience50C940 - BEBINGTON ACompound WomenQualification Round
WOODGATE Christopher14C717 - UNI OF WARWICKRecurve MenQualification Round
WOODGATE James16D246 - WOKING ACRecurve MenQualification Round
WRIGHT Liam63B966 - GREASLEY CASTLE ARCHERSCompound MenQualification Round
YOUNG Paula33C1294 - CYMRIC ABarebow WomenQualification Round
YULE Mirran3B1261 - BALBARDIE ARecurve WomenQualification Round