The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 4
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 4
Surrey Archery Weekend (SAW)
Tolworth Court Sports Ground, Tolworth, 8 Jul 2023
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 4
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Barebow Men
1BEKKER Rene25712571 - Eagle Bowman of Bedford 
  Eagle Bowman of Bedford
2FISHER-JONES Daniel873873 - Nethermoss Archers 
  Nethermoss Archers
3WILSON Angus246246 - Woking Archery Club 
  Woking Archery Club
4CARR Paul Stephen255255 - The Nonsuch Bowmen 
  The Nonsuch Bowmen
5ATHANASIOU Martin299299 - Bowmen of Harrow 
  Bowmen of Harrow
6WILLIAMS Thomas337337 - Leaves Green Bowmen 
  Leaves Green Bowmen
7SUTTON Christopher731731 - Meriden Archery Club 
  Meriden Archery Club
8REHMAN Imran497497 - Whiteleaf Bowmen 
  Whiteleaf Bowmen
9BARNETT Henry13801380 - Uni of Exeter AC 
  Uni of Exeter AC
9DUNCAN Colin346346 - Dover Castle Archers 
  Dover Castle Archers
9GEDALOVITCH Anthony12101210 - Noak Hill Archers 
  Noak Hill Archers
9HOLDER Alan421421 - Forest of Bere Bowmen 
  Forest of Bere Bowmen
9JOGIREDDY Kalhan15821582 - South Bucks Archers 
  South Bucks Archers
9LEDWICK Ben25712571 - Eagle Bowman of Bedford 
  Eagle Bowman of Bedford
9TURNER Mark12101210 - Noak Hill Archers 
  Noak Hill Archers
9WESTON Matthew210210 - The High Weald AC 
  The High Weald AC
17NORWOOD Christoper10131013 - Leicester Ancient O of F 
  Leicester Ancient O of F
17TAYLOR Matthew255255 - The Nonsuch Bowmen 
  The Nonsuch Bowmen