The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 1
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 1
Bucks or Bounty (BoB)
Lilleshall NSCC, Shropshire, 29 Apr 2023
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 1
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Recurve Women
1HEALEY Penny788788 - The Audco Archers 
  The Audco Archers
2SAGOO Jaspreet26272627 - Peacock Archers 
  Peacock Archers
3PITMAN Bryony214214 - Worthing AC 
  Worthing AC
4SOBIERAJ Malgorzata814814 - Aire Valley Archers 
  Aire Valley Archers
5ROGERS Thea7777 - St Kingsmark Bowmen 
  St Kingsmark Bowmen
6HINCKLEY Yulia780780 - Bowbrook Archers 
  Bowbrook Archers
7HAVERS Megan10191019 - Bowmen of Glen 
  Bowmen of Glen
8PIPER Eleanor246246 - Woking Archery Club 
  Woking Archery Club
9BEASLEY-SUFFOLK Hannah26272627 - Peacock Archers 
  Peacock Archers
9COSTALL Megan778778 - Hafren Foresters AC 
  Hafren Foresters AC
9MEERING Sophie44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
9NEITH Becky427427 - Andover Archers 
  Andover Archers
9NEWBY Imogen11861186 - Team Surrey Archery  
  Team Surrey Archery
9RADOMSKA Sylwia299299 - Bowmen of Harrow 
  Bowmen of Harrow
9RUSSELL Sarah532532 - Clophill Archery Club 
  Clophill Archery Club
9SULLIVAN-BELL Imogen26872687 - Archways TDH 
  Archways TDH
17AUBREY Wendy872872 - Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury 
  Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury
17COLLINS Jennifer780780 - Bowbrook Archers 
  Bowbrook Archers
17CURRUMS Alex940940 - Bebington Archers 
  Bebington Archers
17DAVIS Emma731731 - Meriden Archery Club 
  Meriden Archery Club
17DAWSON Abbie27412741 - Waterwheel Field Archers 
  Waterwheel Field Archers
17EDGELEY Ffion44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
17GILDER Sally697697 - Evesham AC 
  Evesham AC
17HEMPSALL Charlotte871871 - Rochdale Company of Archers 
  Rochdale Company of Archers
17HUGHES Emelia731731 - Meriden Archery Club 
  Meriden Archery Club
17IVANOV Kayleigh12611261 - Balbardie Archers 
  Balbardie Archers
17MCCOMISKIE Samantha759759 - Stafford Archers 
  Stafford Archers
17MOON Rachel44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
17PIPER Louisa246246 - Woking Archery Club 
  Woking Archery Club
17PUNJABI Shauna263263 - Chessington Bowmen 
  Chessington Bowmen
17TAYLOR Helen881881 - Eccles AC 
  Eccles AC
17TIPPING Rebekah731731 - Meriden Archery Club 
  Meriden Archery Club
33RAWLINGS Lauren780780 - Bowbrook Archers 
  Bowbrook Archers
34BELSHAW Emelia526526 - Bowmen of Burleigh 
  Bowmen of Burleigh
35CLAMPIN Ella464464 - West Essex Bowmen 
  West Essex Bowmen
36TONKINSON Katie12101210 - Noak Hill Archers 
  Noak Hill Archers
37EASTON Rhiannon12101210 - Noak Hill Archers 
  Noak Hill Archers
38COOPER Lisa10401040 - Anchor Bowmen AC 
  Anchor Bowmen AC
39OTTERSON Victoria173173 - Ayr Archery Club 
  Ayr Archery Club
40LANGDON-REICH Alexandra816816 - Sheffield University AC 
  Sheffield University AC
41HURSHAM Sofia438438 - Jolly Archers of H&W 
  Jolly Archers of H&W
42ROPER Shannon24702470 - University of Lincoln  
  University of Lincoln