60x Remote Shoot Stage 96 INDOOR LEAGUE
60x Remote Shoot Stage 96 INDOOR LEAGUE
At Your Home or Club - Remote Online and Interactive, 6 Feb 2022
60x Remote Shoot Stage 96 INDOOR LEAGUE
Participant List ordered by Target
TargetAthleteCountry NameEvent
Indoor Series S1
1ARONQUILLO Resha DawnPHI - PHILIPPINESRecurve 18m World Archery
2ARITTINER SandraSUI - SWITZERLANDCompound 18m World Archery
3ALYNCH MarkRSA - SOUTH AFRICARecurve 25m World Archery
4ALYNCH RonanRSA - SOUTH AFRICARecurve 25m World Archery
5AWATTIEZ AnthonyBEL - BELGIUMRecurve 18m World Archery
5BWATTIEZ EddyBEL - BELGIUMRecurve 18m World Archery
5CVAES ChristelleBEL - BELGIUMCompound 18m World Archery
5DCOLIN GeorgesBEL - BELGIUMCompound 18m World Archery
6ABAYLA ElizabethPHI - PHILIPPINESRecurve 18m World Archery
6BBANTILOC AgustinaPHI - PHILIPPINESCompound 18m World Archery
6CGOROSPE MichealPHI - PHILIPPINESRecurve 18m World Archery
6DMALINGAN JillPHI - PHILIPPINESRecurve 18m World Archery
7APRUDENTE RobertinoSUI - SWITZERLANDRecurve 18m World Archery
7BRITTINER SandraSUI - SWITZERLANDCompound 18m World Archery
7CDIELEN NathalieSUI - SWITZERLANDCompound 18m Vegas
7DSCHMID MichèleSUI - SWITZERLANDRecurve 18m World Archery
Indoor Series S2
1ABENEDICIC AdamGER - GERMANYBarebow 18m World Archery
2AFRANCIS SherwinTTO - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGOCompound 18m World Archery
3ADEPRÉ JoeriBEL - BELGIUMCompound 18m World Archery
4AANNEL JohnBAR - BARBADOSCompound 18m World Archery
4BGALL RogerBAR - BARBADOSCompound 18m World Archery
5ADEPTULA MartinGER - GERMANYCompound 18m/20yd IFAA
5BDEPTULA TanjaGER - GERMANYCompound 18m/20yd IFAA
6AHÖMKE GritGER - GERMANYBarebow 18m Vegas
6BHEEG TobiasGER - GERMANYCompound 18m Vegas
Indoor Series S3
1ASTÉPHANE GrimaudFRA - FRANCEBarebow 18m World Archery
2AWINKLER JanCRO - CROATIACompound 18m World Archery
3AIRVINE RussAUS - AUSTRALIACompound 18m Vegas
4AWINKLER JanCRO - CROATIACompound 18m World Archery
5ALOTT MichaelCAN - CANADACompound 18m Vegas
5BLOTT EllaCAN - CANADACompound Scaled Target (Big Ten)