BUCS Indoor Finals 2022
BUCS Indoor Finals 2022
British Universities and Colleges Sport, hosted by Warwick University (BUCS)
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7EU, 19 Mar 2022
BUCS Indoor Finals 2022
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Barebow Men
1WATERS Matt12671267 - Nottingham 
2CAN VELZEN Rens717717 - Warwick 
3PRYSYAZHNYY Andriy896896 - Durham 
4KENNETT Ewan12671267 - Nottingham 
5MASKELL Joe13421342 - Bath 
6HALE Jordan816816 - Sheffield 
7PATTERSON Emma816816 - Sheffield 
8DUNNE Eoin18651865 - Huddersfield 
9COOPER Robert816816 - Sheffield 
9GAUR Shantanu22142214 - Kent 
9HELLER Simon268268 - Oxford 
9MAGUIRE Milo816816 - Sheffield 
9PANAGIOTIDIS Rafail26842684 - Uws 
9PRETTYMAN Sam24982498 - Leicester 
9WAGNER Felix12251225 - Bangor 
9WONG Michael20982098 - Queen Mary 
  Queen Mary
17ANTON GUTIERREZ Raul24542454 - Coventry 
17BARNETT Henry13801380 - Exeter 
17CLEMENCE Harry10771077 - Plymouth 
17HALLAM Matthew26902690 - Bedfordshire 
17HUTCHINSON Ben23732373 - Bristol 
17ISLAM Ayaan20982098 - Queen Mary 
  Queen Mary
17JENKINS Hywel21142114 - Nottingham Trent 
  Nottingham Trent
17KENT Michael26282628 - Uwe 
17LIVINGSTONE Cameron17311731 - Keele 
17MCMILLAN Joshua26842684 - Uws 
17PEROUMAL Egandoue20982098 - Queen Mary 
  Queen Mary
17PHYPERS Isaac12671267 - Nottingham 
17SMITH Jamie24702470 - Lincoln 
17THOMAS Oliver13731373 - Swansea 
17UNDERHILL Tom11861186 - Surrey 
17ZAMORA Miguel10771077 - Plymouth 
33BARUA Ankon20982098 - Queen Mary 
  Queen Mary
34PRICE Keiran11861186 - Surrey 
35HARPER Fraser201201 - Dundee 
36BEDDING Matthew13731373 - Swansea 
37UEMLIANIN-STONE Natalya896896 - Durham