The Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships
The Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships
Archery GB (AGB)
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ, 4 Dec 2021
The Archery GB Junior National Indoor Championships
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Recurve Junior Women
1HUGHES Emelia731731 - Meriden Archery Club 
  Meriden Archery Club
2HEMPSALL Charlotte871871 - Rochdale Company of Archers 
  Rochdale Company of Archers
  Archery GB
4HAVERS Megan10191019 - B of Glen 
  B of Glen
5YOUNG Sophie537537 - South Wansdyke AC 
  South Wansdyke AC
6COODYE Mia14171417 - Rayleigh Town Archery Club 
  Rayleigh Town Archery Club
7ROBERTS Samantha873873 - Nethermoss Archers 
  Nethermoss Archers
8EYRES Laura967967 - Beeston Rylands A 
  Beeston Rylands A
9LINDSLEY-FROST Isobel252252 - Royal Richmond AC 
  Royal Richmond AC
10LINFIELD Holly259259 - Guildford AC 
  Guildford AC
11COUTTS Lucy15651565 - Largs Junior 
  Largs Junior
12WEST-LEY Nyah983983 - Wellingborough Open AC 
  Wellingborough Open AC
13FOSTER Sienna12971297 - Ballyvally Archers Banbridge 
  Ballyvally Archers Banbridge
14WELLS Hannah544544 - Burnham Company of Archers 
  Burnham Company of Archers
15MUNDY-GILL Katie780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
16STACEY Becky25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
17WELCH Chloe22412241 - Bicester A 
  Bicester A
18PALMER Heike692692 - Redhill Archers 
  Redhill Archers
19LEVITT Florence26272627 - Peacock Archers 
  Peacock Archers
20CLAMPIN Ella464464 - West Essex Bowmen 
  West Essex Bowmen
21ROBERTSON Meghan259259 - Guildford AC 
  Guildford AC
22CROOK Harriet537537 - South Wansdyke AC 
  South Wansdyke AC
23CARRIE Lexie526526 - B of Burleigh 
  B of Burleigh
24MOORE Zoe174174 - Ancient Society of Kilwinning  
  Ancient Society of Kilwinning
25LINDSLEY-FROST Phoebe252252 - Royal Richmond AC 
  Royal Richmond AC
26EADES Hannah377377 - Berkhamsted B 
  Berkhamsted B
27HARDESTY DEAN Jessica11411141 - Thirsk Bowmen 
  Thirsk Bowmen
28LATOS Nicole23742374 - Six Towns Company of Archers 
  Six Towns Company of Archers
29BLYTHE Anna971971 - Wilford Bowmen (Notts) 
  Wilford Bowmen (Notts)
30ROBERTS Sophie26272627 - Peacock Archers 
  Peacock Archers
31BELSHAW Emelia526526 - B of Burleigh 
  B of Burleigh
32HEDGES Abigail692692 - Redhill Archers 
  Redhill Archers
33EDWARDS Rebecca430430 - AC Delco B 
  AC Delco B
34WARD Kristin173173 - Ayr AC 
  Ayr AC
35BRAIN Jazmin12461246 - Deer Park Archers LTD 
  Deer Park Archers LTD
36HUNT Emma809809 - York A Society 
  York A Society
37CHONG Amber25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
38MALBON Juliet421421 - Forest of Bere Bowmen 
  Forest of Bere Bowmen
39PATERSON Laura173173 - Ayr AC 
  Ayr AC
40KNOWLES Saffron637637 - B of Wadebridge 
  B of Wadebridge
41SHARPE Rose983983 - Wellingborough Open AC 
  Wellingborough Open AC
42GRIMSDITCH Maisie25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
43GRIFFITHS Amelia Mae25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
44KHALED Sarah19411941 - Southfields Archery Club 
  Southfields Archery Club
45WORTLEY Charlotte25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
46AN-NISA Rahma27112711 - Golden Arrow Archery 
  Golden Arrow Archery
47WORTLEY Ellie25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
48WOOLGER Olivia515515 - B of Warfield 
  B of Warfield
49GUIET Lara26272627 - Peacock Archers 
  Peacock Archers
50BISHOP Amber25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
51CATTERMOLE Isla10351035 - Derwent Bowmen 
  Derwent Bowmen
52RICE Lucy24042404 - Newark Castle Archers 
  Newark Castle Archers