The Archery GB Youth Festival
The Archery GB Youth Festival
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall, Shropshire (GBR), 26-30 Jul 2021
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Recurve Cadet Men
1MEDHURST Charlie692692 - Redhill A 
  Redhill A
2SPENCER-NICE Riley12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
3COSTANZA Marco570570 - Cleve A 
  Cleve A
4OAKLEY Maxwell780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
5OAKES Will971971 - Wilford Bowmen (Notts) 
  Wilford Bowmen (Notts)
6DOHERTY Jack3535 - City Of Belfast AC 
  City Of Belfast AC
7MORRILLO Rhys22572257 - Goldcrest Juniors 
  Goldcrest Juniors
8BROMLEY Archie989989 - A of Raunds 
  A of Raunds
9ADDISON William873873 - Nethermoss A 
  Nethermoss A
9BOWMAN Daniel731731 - Meriden AC 
  Meriden AC
9BOYD Shay174174 - Kilwinning Archers 
  Kilwinning Archers
9CAWDELL Evan10361036 - Derbyshire AC 
  Derbyshire AC
9GRAY Edward731731 - Meriden AC 
  Meriden AC
9JOYCE Darragh544544 - Burnham C of A 
  Burnham C of A
9PIGGOTT Callum780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
9RALSTON Jonathan15651565 - Largs Junior 
  Largs Junior
17ABDELFATTAH YoussefIRLIRL - Ireland 
17CRAIG Aaron4141 - Muckamore Company of Archers 
  Muckamore Company of Archers
17JORDAN Liam26882688 - Bridlington Bay Archers 
  Bridlington Bay Archers
17SABER Yehia3535 - City Of Belfast AC 
  City Of Belfast AC