The Archery GB Youth Festival
The Archery GB Youth Festival
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall, Shropshire (GBR), 26-30 Jul 2021
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Compound Cadet Women
1A'BEAR Chloe12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
2BOULTON Hallie27132713 - Spinners Mill Archers 
  Spinners Mill Archers
3WOOD Patience940940 - Bebington A 
  Bebington A
4BRUGUIER Isabella312312 - Crystal Palace B 
  Crystal Palace B
5BYRNE Sinead12971297 - Ballyvally Archers Banbridge 
  Ballyvally Archers Banbridge
5RHODES Bethany814814 - Aire Valley A 
  Aire Valley A
7POLLITT Jessica928928 - Neston C of A 
  Neston C of A
8BOULTON Sophia12461246 - Deer Park A 
  Deer Park A
9COULAM Grace10031003 - Bowmen of Rutland Junior AC 
  Bowmen of Rutland Junior AC
9HINCHLIFFE Fearne22572257 - Goldcrest Juniors 
  Goldcrest Juniors
9JONES Molly16541654 - Blandy Jenkins A 
  Blandy Jenkins A
9SAUNDERSON Lara44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
9SCOTT Chloe637637 - B of Wadebridge 
  B of Wadebridge
9WALKER Violet780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A