The Archery GB Youth Festival
The Archery GB Youth Festival
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall, Shropshire (GBR), 26-30 Jul 2021
Entries by Name
A'BEAR Chloe5A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ABDELFATTAH Marjan19B35 - CITY OF BELFAST ACRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ABDELFATTAH Youssef29BIRL - IRELANDRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
ACKLAND-SNOW Hannah20C272 - OXFORD ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ADDISON William28A873 - NETHERMOSS ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
ALI Yusuf30C1772 - LEICESTER ARCHERY ACADEMYRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
ANNISON Layla2B2296 - WYMONDHAM ARCHERSCompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
BARKER Evie14A41 - MUCKAMORE COMPANY OF ARCHERSRecurve CubQualification Rounds
BARRETT-REES Grace2A1373 - SWANSEA UNICompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
BARRETT-REES Jakob38B1654 - BLANDY JENKINS ARecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
BEESE-RAYBOULD Gabriel36B1570 - WORCESTER BRecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
BELSHAW Emelia18A526 - B OF BURLEIGHRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
BLYTHE Anna20B971 - WILFORD BOWMEN (NOTTS)Recurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
BODKIN Lewis12C788 - AUDCO ARecurve CubQualification Rounds
BOULTON Hallie8A2713 - SPINNERS MILL ARCHERSCompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
BOULTON Sophia6A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
BOWMAN Daniel25A731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
BOYD Shay27C174 - KILWINNING ARCHERSRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
BROMLEY Archie29A989 - A OF RAUNDSRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
BRUGUIER Isabella4C312 - CRYSTAL PALACE BCompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
BRYAN Jenny2C1035 - DERWENT BCompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
BURDETT Nicole31B692 - REDHILL ARecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
BYRNE Sinead7A1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGECompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
CARRIE Lexie17A526 - B OF BURLEIGHRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
CAWDELL Evan28C1036 - DERBYSHIRE ACRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
CHAPPELL Grace1A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
CLAMPIN Ella15B464 - WEST ESSEX BRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
CLARK Finlay10C1718 - WYKE ACompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
COSTALL Megan32A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
COSTALL Rhian33A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
COSTANZA Marco29C570 - CLEVE ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
COULAM Grace8C1003 - BOWMEN OF RUTLAND JUNIOR ACCompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
COUTTS Lucy19A1565 - LARGS JUNIORRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
CRAIG Aaron26A41 - MUCKAMORE COMPANY OF ARCHERSRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
CROOK Harriet23A537 - SOUTH WANSDYKE ACRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
DOHERTY Jack25C35 - CITY OF BELFAST ACRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
EASTON Rhiannon34C1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
ELVES Aidan4A1771 - TRACKSIDE ACompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
FALLOUH Alia21A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
FAULKNER Ryan11A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
FOSTER Sienna21C1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGERecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
GRAY Edward24A731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
GULVIN Samuel13B1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve CubQualification Rounds
HASLAM Isabelle23B1035 - DERWENT BRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HASLAM Lewis3B1035 - DERWENT BCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
HAVERS Megan17C1019 - B OF GLENRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HEALEY Penny16C780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HEMPSALL Charlotte23C871 - ROCHDALE C OF ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HINCHLIFFE Fearne7C2257 - GOLDCREST JUNIORSCompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HUGHES Emelia15A692 - REDHILL ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
HUGHES Heather33B873 - NETHERMOSS ARecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
HURSHAM Sofia31A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
IBRAHIM Zac13C1035 - DERWENT BRecurve CubQualification Rounds
JONES Paige1C2123 - BELVOIR ACompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
JORDAN Liam27A2688 - BRIDLINGTON BAY ARCHERSRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
JOYCE Darragh30B544 - BURNHAM C OF ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
KELLY Zack13A1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGERecurve CubQualification Rounds
KEMPSTER Sasha32B1573 - B OF WARRINGTONRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
LANE Thomas9C971 - WILFORD BOWMEN (NOTTS)Compound Youth MenQualification Rounds
LINFIELD Holly20A428 - ALTON & FOUR MARKSRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
LOCK Andrew37C1210 - NOAK HILL ARecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
MANTRAVADI Siri Vennela16B464 - WEST ESSEX BRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
MCDOWELL Flavia17B43 - LISBURN CITY ARCHERY CLUBRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
MCKINNEY Ethan12A1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGERecurve CubQualification Rounds
MEDHURST Charlie26B692 - REDHILL ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
MOON Rachel34A4 - ARCHERY GBRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
MORGAN Kathleen22C1982 - BALBARDIE JUNIOR ARCHERSRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
MORRILLO Rhys30A2257 - GOLDCREST JUNIORSRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
MUNDY-GILL Katie15C780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
MURDOCK Hollie33C41 - MUCKAMORE COMPANY OF ARCHERSRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
NEWBY Imogen22B483 - BRAINTREE BRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
OAKES Will26C971 - WILFORD BOWMEN (NOTTS)Recurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
OAKLEY Maxwell24B780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
ORFORD Oscar11C993 - SILVER SPOON BCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
ORTON Monty37B731 - MERIDEN ACRecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
PALMER Heike16A692 - REDHILL ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
PALMER Jack14B570 - CLEVE ABarebow YouthQualification Rounds
PARKER Alex10A1246 - DEER PARK ACompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
PATTON Ellie Mariah18B41 - MUCKAMORE COMPANY OF ARCHERSRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
PERKINS Louis3A4 - ARCHERY GBCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
PETRE Iulia1B979 - TARGETCRAFT ARCHERSCompound Junior WomenQualification Rounds
PIGGOTT Callum25B780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
PLOWMAN Isabel14C2393 - NEWNHAM ARCHERY CLUBBarebow YouthQualification Rounds
POLLITT Jessica6B928 - NESTON C OF ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
RADIGAN Cameron36C173 - AYR ACRecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
RALSTON Jonathan28B1565 - LARGS JUNIORRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
RAWLINGS Lauren32C780 - BOWBROOK ARecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
RHODES Bethany6C814 - AIRE VALLEY ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
RIDDING Alfie10B2411 - MILLOM ARCHERSCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
RIDDING Dru11B2411 - MILLOM ARCHERSCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
ROBERTS Samantha21B873 - NETHERMOSS ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ROBERTS Sophie22A2627 - PEACOCK ARCHERSRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ROBERTSON Meghan18C259 - GUILDFORD ACRecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
ROGERS Thea31C77 - ST KINGSMARK BRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
SABER Yehia24C35 - CITY OF BELFAST ACRecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
SAUNDERSON Jay9A4 - ARCHERY GBCompound Youth MenQualification Rounds
SAUNDERSON Lara7B4 - ARCHERY GBCompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
SCOTT Ajay3C359 - ABBEY B (KENT)Compound Youth MenQualification Rounds
SCOTT Chloe5C637 - B OF WADEBRIDGECompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
SHUKLA Hari12B483 - BRAINTREE BRecurve CubQualification Rounds
SPENCER-NICE Riley27B1246 - DEER PARK ARecurve Cadet MenQualification Rounds
STEVENS Rebecca35A2738 - TOWCESTER ARCHERSRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
TAPP Harry37A1666 - ELY ARecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
TITCHENER Niamh35C2688 - BRIDLINGTON BAY ARCHERSRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
TONKINSON Katie35B788 - AUDCO ARecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds
WALKER Violet8B780 - BOWBROOK ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
WELLS Hannah19C544 - BURNHAM C OF ARecurve Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
WHEELER Luke36A1297 - BALLYVALLY ARCHERS BANBRIDGERecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
WHITMARSH Austin38A568 - CHELTENHAM ARecurve Junior MenQualification Rounds
WOOD Patience5B940 - BEBINGTON ACompound Cadet WomenQualification Rounds
YULE Mirran34B1982 - BALBARDIE JUNIOR ARCHERSRecurve Junior WomenQualification Rounds

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