CS/SM Outdoor 2020
CS/SM Outdoor 2020
SwissArchery Association (181)
World Archery Excellence Centre, Lausanne, 5-13 Sep 2020
CS/SM Outdoor 2020
Number of Entries by Event
H1728 9 5 5 
D6 5 4 4   
JH2 2       
JD  1       
VH10 8 3 1427 
VD4 1 3 7 2 
CH3 3       
CD7     1   
JE2 3   2   
MI912   1 1 
MO  2       

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RVHRecurve Master Hommes101/82(6)10-----
RVDRecurve Master Dames41/22 4-----
RHRecurve Hommes171/88 16(1)
RDRecurve Dames61/42(2)6-----
RJHRecurve Junior Hommes2     
RCHRecurve Cadet Hommes3     
RCDRecurve Cadet Dames71/43(1)7-----
RJERecurve Jeunesse2     
RMIRecurve Mini91/81(7)9-----
RPIRecurve Piccolo71/43(1)7-----
CVHCompound Master Hommes81/44 8-----
CVDCompound Master Dames1     
CHCompound Hommes81/44 8-----
CDCompound Dames51/41(3)5-----
CJHCompound Junior Hommes2     
CJDCompound Junior Dames1     
CCHCompound Cadet Hommes3     
CJECompound Jeunesse3     
CMICompound Mini2     
CPICompound Piccolo1     
BBVHBarebow Master Hommes3     
BBVDBarebow Master Dames3     
BBHBarebow Hommes91/81(7)9-----
BBDBarebow Dames41/22 4-----
BHVHBowhunter Master Hommes141/86(2)14-----
BHVDBowhunter Master Dames71/43(1)7-----
BHHBowhunter Hommes51/41(3)5-----
BHDBowhunter Dames41/22 4-----
BHCDBowhunter Cadet Dames1     
BHJEBowhunter Jeunesse2     
BHMIBowhunter Mini1     
LBVHLongbow Master Hommes71/43(1)7-----
LBVDLongbow Master Dames2     
LBHLongbow Hommes51/41(3)5-----
LBMILongbow Mini1     
CMOCompound Men Open2     

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RT60Recurve Team 60mNo3     
RT70Recurve Team 70m No2     
RJTRecurve Team JeunesNo2     
CTCompound TeamNo2     
CJTCompound Team JeunesNo1     
BBTBarebow TeamNo2     
BBJTBarebow Team JeunesNo      
BHTBowhunter TeamNo5     
BHJTBowhunter Team JeunesNo1     
LBTLongbow TeamNo1     
LBJTLongbow Team JeunesNo      

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