Open Lithuanian Outdoor Championship
Open Lithuanian Outdoor Championship
Utenos lankininkų klubas / Lietuvos lankininkų federacija (ULK / LLF)
Utena, 25-26 Jul 2020
Open Lithuanian Outdoor Championship
Number of Entries by Event
W1023 3 2 
CM1 1 1   
CW2   103  
KM312 4 31
KW4   1 1 

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RMRecurve Men331/1616 32(1)
RWRecurve Women101/82(6)10-----
RJMRecurve Junior Men4Semi Finals2 4-----
RJWRecurve Junior Women1Semi Finals-1 1-----
RCMRecurve Cadet Men1Semi Finals-1 1-----
RCWRecurve Cadet Women2Semi Finals (2)2-----
RKMRecurve Cub Men3Semi Finals1(1)3-----
RKWRecurve Cub Women4Semi Finals2 4-----
CMCompound Men151/87(1)15-----
CWCompound Women3Semi Finals1(1)3-----
CCMCompound Cadet Men1Semi Finals-1 1-----
CKMCompound Cub Men2Semi Finals (2)2-----
BMBarebow Men111/83(5)11-----
BWBarebow Women3Semi Finals1(1)3-----
BCMBarebow Cadet Men1Semi Finals-1 1-----
BCWBarebow Cadet Women101/82(6)10-----
BKMBarebow Cub Men4Semi Finals2 4-----
BKWBarebow Cub Women1Semi Finals-1 1-----
LMLongbow and Traditional Men 101/82(6)10-----
LWLongbow and Traditional Women2Semi Finals (2)2-----
LKMLongbow and Traditional Cub Men3Semi Finals1(1)3-----
LKWLongbow and Traditional Cub Women1Semi Finals-1 1-----

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
RMRecurve Men TeamNo8Quarter Finals4(0)8---
RWRecurve Women TeamNo2Semi Finals (2)2---
RXRecurve Mixed TeamYes9Quarter Finals4(0)8(1)
CMCompound Men TeamNo3Semi Finals1(1)3---
CXCompound Mixed TeamYes3Semi Finals1(1)3---
BCWBarebow Cadet Women TeamNo3Semi Finals1(1)3---
LMLongbow and Traditional Men TeamNo2Semi Finals (2)2---
LXLongbow and Traditional Mixed TeamYes2Semi Finals (2)2---