BUCS Archery Indoor Southern Qualifier 2020
Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, BS9 2BJ - 2020-02-22/2020-02-22
BUCS Archery Indoor Southern Qualifier 2020
Number of Entries by Event
EM991711 2819 
EW5165 2634 
NM66113 284  
NW353  1312 

Individual Finals
 Event NameAthletesFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
MNBMen's Novice Barebow27     
MNCMen's Novice Compound3     
MNR Men's Novice Recurve64     
WNBWomen's Novice Barebow12     
WNLWomen's Novice Longbow2     
WNRWomen's Novice Recurve33     
MEBMen's Experienced Barebow (Not awarded)28     
MECMen's Experienced Compound (Not awarded)10     
MELMen's Experienced Longbow (Not awarded)9     
MERMen's Experienced Recurve (Not awarded)97     
WEBWomen's Experienced Barebow (Not awarded)26     
WECWomen's Experienced Compound (Not awarded)4     
WELWomen's Experienced Longbow (Not awarded)4     
WERWomen's Experienced Recurve (Not awarded)51     

Team Finals
 Event NameMixed Team EventTeamsFirst Phase# of matches (and byes)Qualified No. (and not)
NNCTOpen Novice Non-Compound TeamYes21     
MNCTMen's Non-Compound Team (Not awarded)No26     
WNCTWomen's Non-Compound Team (Not awarded)No17     
OCTOpen Compound Team (Not awarded)Yes4     

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