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I@nseo is free software developed by a group of guys, crazy for Archery, to offer a modern, effective and intuitive solution for archery results management. If you appreciate the project, support I@nseo to develop new functions. You need only a PayPal Account. Press on the "Donate" button below and decide the amout and currency. Thank you!

Tournament List (times are UTC)
LAT21_FLowlands Archery Target 50/70 series FinaleNederlandse Handboog BondNEDBerkel-Enschot12 Sep13 Sep 15:25
NKOJ2021NK Outdoor Jeugd 2021Nederlandse Handboog BondNEDBerkel-Enschot5 Sep7 Sep 07:57
LAT21_R4Lowlands Archery Target 50/70 series ronde 4 PurmerendNederlandse Handboogbond en HSV WaterlandschuttersNEDPurmerend29 Aug30 Aug 09:21
EVM21-2Erwin Verstegen Memorial 2021-Dag 2Doele Willem IIINEDBoekel (NED)29 Aug29 Aug 14:40
rks2021Regio Koningsschieten 2021Regio 105NEDSint Sebastiaen Den Haag29 Aug29 Aug 18:32
JF21WLSJeugdfita 2021 PurmerendHSV Waterlandschutters PurmerendNEDPurmerend28 Aug28 Aug 13:17
EVM21-1Erwin Verstegen Memorial 2021-Dag 1Doele Willem IIINEDBoekel (NED)28 Aug28 Aug 14:46
BB222021BareBow 50M 2021BareBow 50m/Archery Learning Projects
Kreuzelweg 23a 5961 NM Horst (L)
5961NM Horst aan de Maas
NEDArchery Service Center Horst22 Aug22 Aug 18:15
BB212021BareBow 50M 2021BareBow 50m/ Archerey Learning Projects/Archery Servise Center
Kreuzelweg 23a 5961 NM Horst (L)
5961NM Horst aan de Maas
NEDArcery Servise Center Horst21 Aug22 Aug 08:17
WA21RSWA 1440 ronde De Rozenjagers SteinDe Rozenjagers SteinNEDStein8 Aug8 Aug 18:54
JF21RSJeugdFITA Rozenjagers Stein 2021De Rozenjagers SteinNEDHoensbroek7 Aug7 Aug 16:33
LAT21_R3Lowlands Archery Target 50/70 series ronde 3Nederlandse HandboogbondNEDSchijndel11 Jul11 Jul 13:59
RZAC2104#Ianseo Remote ZomerAvondCompetitie - Stage 4Handboogsport NederlandNEDIanseo Remote6 Jul9 Jul 11:21
NKO2021NK Outdoor & Open NK Outdoor Para 2021Nederlandse Handboog BondNEDSchijndel3-4 Jul4 Jul 13:29
RZAC2103#Ianseo Remote ZomerAvondCompetitie - Stage 3Handboogsport NederlandNEDIanseo Remote29-30 Jun9 Jul 11:22
RZAC2102#Ianseo Remote ZomerAvondCompetitie - Stage 2Handboogsport NederlandNEDIanseo Remote22-23 Jun9 Jul 11:23
RZAC2101#Ianseo Remote ZomerAvondCompetitie - Stage 1Handboogsport NederlandNEDIanseo Remote15-16 Jun9 Jul 11:24
JF21BEJeugdfita Berkel-EnschotDe MeierijersNEDBerkel-Enschot13 Jun14 Jun 20:33
LAT21_R2Lowlands Archery Target 50/70 series ronde 2Nederlandse HandboogbondNEDAlmere13 Jun14 Jun 11:12
LAT21_R1Lowlands Archery Target 50/70 series ronde 1Nederlandse Handboog BondNEDHKS Zoetermeer9 May11 May 16:26
2105SWCSelectiewedstrijd CompoundHandboogsport NederlandNEDTeamNL Centrum Papendal2 May2 May 12:01
BTAR1440#Backtoarchery Remote 1440 RoundHandboogsport NederlandNEDRemote Ianseo5 Apr - 2 May2 May 19:15
BTA2DATO#Backtoarchery 2D Animal Target OutdoorNederlandse Handboog BondNEDOnline5 Apr - 2 May2 May 16:29
210305NLTrainingswedstrijd TeamNL Centrum PapendalHandboogsport NederlandNEDArnhem5 Mar5 Mar 15:17
RTIG002Remote Target Indoor Games Stage 2Nederlandse Handboog BondNEDI@nseo Remote31 Jan13 Dec 18:30
2021BLOG#Backtoarchery Lockdown Outdoor GamesNederlandse Handboog BondNEDOnline23 Jan - 30 Apr29 Apr 05:32
2DATIG2D Animal Target Indoor GamesNederlandse Handboog BondNEDOnline1 Dec 2020 - 15 Mar 202114 Jan 17:30