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I@nseo is free software developed by a group of guys, crazy for Archery, to offer a modern, effective and intuitive solution for archery results management. If you appreciate the project, support I@nseo to develop new functions. You need only a PayPal Account. Press on the "Donate" button below and decide the amout and currency. Thank you!

Tournament List (times are UTC)
BUD1220Ungmennadeild BFSÍ DesemberBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLÍsland31 Dec4 Jan 16:45
BISD1220Bogfimisetrið Indoor Series DesemberBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLBogfimisetrid19-20 Dec20 Dec 17:52
BUD1120Ungmennadeild BFSÍ NóvemberBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLÍsland6 Dec7 Dec 06:30
BUD1020Ungmennadeild BFSÍ OktóberBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLÍsland30-31 Oct3 Nov 18:15
IC1020IceCup Október 2020IT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Achery Range4 Oct4 Oct 19:02
BUD0920Ungmennadeild BFSÍ SeptemberBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLÍsland30 Sep3 Oct 17:25
IC0920IceCup 2020IT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Archery Range6 Sep6 Sep 18:24
BUD0820Ungmennadeildin ÁgústBogfimisamband ÍslandsISLÍsland31 Aug4 Oct 15:25
EG_O_203Egilsstaðir OpenHalli GústaISLEiðar16 Aug18 Aug 12:39
BYS0720Bogfimisetrid Youth Series July 2020BF BoginnISLBogfimisetrid30 Jul30 Jul 20:24
ISLUT20Íslandsmeistaramót Utanhúss / Icelandic Open Championships 2020Bogfimisamband ÍslandsISLVíðistaðatún, Hafnarfjörður17-19 Jul24 Jul 17:37
EG_O_202Egilsstaðir Open 2020-2Halli GústaISLEiðar12 Jul12 Jul 14:54
ISLMUT20Íslandsmót Öldunga 2020 - Icelandic Masters Championships Outdoor 2020Bogfimisamband Íslands.ISLVíðistaðatún, Hafnarfjörður28 Jun28 Jun 17:08
ISLUNU20Íslandsmót Ungmenna 2020 - Icelandic Youth Championships Outdoor 2020Bogfimisamband ÍslandsISLvíðistaðatún hafnarfjörður27 Jun2 Jul 23:34
BYS0620Bogfimisetrid Youth Series June 2020GummiISLBogfimisetrid24-25 Jun25 Jun 16:22
EG_O_201Egilsstaðir open 2020Halli GústaISLEiðar21 Jun22 Jun 08:59
SNMM2020Stóri Núps Meistaramótaröðin Júní 2020GummiISLStóri Núpur13 Jun13 Jun 20:31
IC0620IceCup Júní 2020IT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Archery Center7 Jun7 Jun 19:08
BYS0520Bogfimisetrid Youth Series MayGummiISLBogfimisetrið27-28 May10 Jun 12:06
BYS0320Bogfimisetrið Youth Series MarsÁsdísISLBogfimisetrið25-26 Mar30 Mar 13:59
ISLUI20Íslandsmeistaramót Innanhúss 2020Bogfimisamband ÍslandsISLBogfimisetrid13-15 Mar15 Mar 15:11
IC0320IceCup 2020 MarsIT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Archery Center1 Mar1 Mar 19:48
BYS0220Bogfimisetrid Youth Series FebruaryGummiISLBogfimisetrid26-27 Feb28 Feb 07:58
ISLUOI20Íslandsmót U21-50+ Innanhúss 2020 / Icelandic Juniors-Masters Indoor Championships 2020Bogfimisamband ÍslandsISLBogfimisetrid16 Feb16 Feb 22:07
ISLU6820Íslandsmót U18-U16 Innanhúss 2020 / Icelandic Cadet-Nordic Indoor Championships 2020Bogfimisamband ÍslandsISLBogfimisetrid15 Feb20 Feb 23:14
IC0220IceCup 2020 FebrúarIT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Archery Range2 Feb2 Feb 19:31
BYS0120Bogfimisetrid Youth Series January 2020GummiISLBogfimisetrid29-30 Jan30 Jan 21:52
SETRID20Bogfimisetrid Indoor 2020BogfimisetridISLBogfimisetrid15 Jan15 Jan 20:18
IC0120IceCup 2020 JanúarIT ArcheryISLBogfimisetrið Archery Range12 Jan12 Jan 19:40