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I@nseo is free software developed by a group of guys, crazy for Archery, to offer a modern, effective and intuitive solution for archery results management. If you appreciate the project, support I@nseo to develop new functions. You need only a PayPal Account. Press on the "Donate" button below and decide the amout and currency. Thank you!

Tournament List (times are UTC)
TSM2020ITavel-SM 2020 InneSkurups BågkytteklubbSWESkurups Sparbank Arena28-29 Mar29 Oct 17:29
JSM-20Juniormästerskap inomhus 2020TAIF - Timrå AIF, IF Karlsvik,
Sundsvall-Ortvikens BK.
SWENCC Hallen i Timrå14-15 Mar3 Nov 10:24
STTR11Stockholmsträffen 11Stockholms BågskjutningsklubbSWEHögdalshallen8 Feb23 Sep 06:59
SM25SJAL25m SM-kilpailuSuomen Jousiampujain liittoFINJoensuu Areena, Mehtimäenaukio 21-2 Feb10 Nov 19:51
1022Valonträffen 2020Finspångs bågskytteklubbSWEArena Grosvad18 Jan9 Nov 09:45
STTR10Stockholmsträffen 10Stockholms BågskjutningsklubbSWEHögdalshallen11 Jan23 Sep 06:56
IPROAM20ISAA Pro-Am 2020Iowa State Archery AssociationUSADes Moines (USA)3-5 JanToday 01:46