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I@nseo is free software developed by a group of guys, crazy for Archery, to offer a modern, effective and intuitive solution for archery results management. If you appreciate the project, support I@nseo to develop new functions. You need only a PayPal Account. Press on the "Donate" button below and decide the amout and currency. Thank you!

Tournament List (times are UTC)
115CH027XXVII Torneo d'inverno indoor 25 + 18 metriSporting ChiassoSUIPalapenz Chiasso7-8 Dec8 Dec 22:33
abta19Indoor des Jeunes AVTAAVTASUIWAEC1 Dec1 Dec 15:40
CHSA1174XXIIème Indoor de Lausanne - 25mCompagnie des Archers de LausanneSUIWorld Archery Excellence Centre – Lausanne23-24 Nov24 Nov 15:58
CHSA1173XXIIème Indoor de Lausanne - 18mCompagnie des Archers de LausanneSUIWorld Archery Excellence Centre – Lausanne23-24 Nov25 Nov 01:02
131CHb34Indoor Jussy-Jeunes 2019Arc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)3 Nov4 Nov 17:37
98760Hyundai WAEC Indoor Archery Challenge 2019World Archery Excellence CentreSUIWorld Archery Excellence Centre26 Oct26 Oct 13:43
CH_1125CS/SM Parcours 3D - Parcours du DahuCompagnie des Archers de la TourSUILes Agettes, Sion14-15 Sep15 Sep 14:46
CH_1127SM/CS Field 2019Association des Archers valaisans - Walliser Bogenschützen VerbandSUILes Agettes8 Sep8 Sep 18:26
131GEb88Championnat genevois 2019Arc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)5 Sep5 Sep 14:07
SUI_1012CS/SM Outdoor 2019 - BernBogenschützenverein BernSUILeichathletikstadion Wankdorf, Bern24-25 Aug25 Aug 14:36
131CHb33TopArcher 2019 WA Round 50/70Arc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)4 Aug4 Aug 12:32
131CHb32TopArcher 2019 FIELDArc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)3 Aug3 Aug 13:38
131TOP19TopArcher 2019 - AwardsArc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)1-4 Aug5 Aug 13:47
131CHb31TopArcher 2019 Parcours 3DArc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)1 Aug1 Aug 15:37
9291Hyundai WAEC Outdoor Challenge - Stage 2World Archery Excellence CentreSUIWorld Archery Excellence Centre27 Jul27 Jul 11:28
CH_1119WA Round 50/70 SionCompagnie des Archers de la TourSUISion, Carolet21 Jul21 Jul 13:20
877HYUNDAI Outdoor Matchplay ClassicWorld archery excellence centreSUIWorld archery excellence centre6 Jul6 Jul 19:21
SUI_1141FITA de Vevey-La Tour-de-PeilzCompagnie des Archers de Vevey - La Tour-de-PeilzSUILa Tour-de-Peilz22-23 Jun23 Jun 13:18
CH-1120OpenField 2019 - SionCompagnie des Archers de la TourSUILes Agettes2 Jun2 Jun 13:42
1000Hyundai WAEC Outdoor Challenge 2019World archery excellence centreSUIWorld archery excellnce centre25 May25 May 15:01
994Hyundai WA720 Indoor Archery Challenge 2019Archers Associes d'ApplesSUIWorld Archery Excellence Centre31 Mar31 Mar 16:10
SUI_1079CS/SM Indoor 2019 Macolin/MagglingenSwissArchery AssociationSUIMacolin / Magglingen23-24 Mar30 Mar 16:52
131CHb30TopArcher 2019 IndoorArc Club JussySUIJussy (Genève)16-17 Mar17 Mar 14:15
1081Zurich Challenge 2019T.A.T. - Toxophiloi Academici TuricoSUIZürich ASVZ Sport Center Irchel2-3 Mar4 Mar 00:04
131CHa85Indoor Genève 2019ADAGESUIChâtelaine (Genève)3 Feb3 Feb 18:34
SUI_1118Parcours 3D - AnzèreCompagnie des Archers de la TourSUIAnzère12-13 Jan17 Jan 19:34