Archery GB National Tour
Archery GB National Tour
Surrey Archery (SAW)
Tolworth Court Sports Ground, Surrey, 10 Jul 2021
Archery GB National Tour
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Recurve Men
1CASTILLO-ALQUEZAR Roger817817 - Selby A 
  Selby A
2REID Jacob782782 - Allscott Heath Archers 
  Allscott Heath Archers
3HARDING Keith22002200 - Clickers AC 
  Clickers AC
4MEDHURST Charlie692692 - Redhill A 
  Redhill A
5HOLDEN Ryan330330 - Thanet AC 
  Thanet AC
6KENT Stevie210210 - High Weald AC 
  High Weald AC
7HALL Conor780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
8WHITE Richard263263 - Chessington B 
  Chessington B
9DONALDSON Cameron907907 - Cleadon A 
  Cleadon A
9GOBLE Wayne421421 - Forest of Bere B 
  Forest of Bere B
9HYNDS Frank142142 - Clyde Arrows 
  Clyde Arrows
9JUDD Michael458458 - Mayflower A 
  Mayflower A
9ORTON Monty731731 - Meriden AC 
  Meriden AC
9SUSCA Thomas938938 - B of Bruntwood 
  B of Bruntwood
9TIMMINS David697697 - Evesham AC 
  Evesham AC
9WOOD Antony427427 - Andover A 
  Andover A
17ALEXANDER Malcolm119119 - Links A 
  Links A
17AVINS Chris739739 - Uni of Birmingham AC 
  Uni of Birmingham AC
17COUSINS Crispin10401040 - Anchor B (Derbyshire) 
  Anchor B (Derbyshire)
17HADFIELD Leigh921921 - Winnington Park B 
  Winnington Park B
17HINCKLEY Phil780780 - Bowbrook A 
  Bowbrook A
17JAMIESON Gilbert12611261 - Balbardie A 
  Balbardie A
17LAPUZ Jason371371 - Hertford C of A 
  Hertford C of A
17MEECH Terry421421 - Forest of Bere B 
  Forest of Bere B
17RADIGAN Cameron173173 - Ayr AC 
  Ayr AC
17RAMSDALE Matthew253253 - Reigate Priory B 
  Reigate Priory B
17THOMPSON Daniel938938 - B of Bruntwood 
  B of Bruntwood
17TWAROWSKI Michal309309 - London A 
  London A
17VOS Jamie22722272 - Sevenoaks AC 
  Sevenoaks AC
17WALBY Samuel268268 - Oxford Uni C of A 
  Oxford Uni C of A
17WOODGATE Christopher717717 - Uni Of Warwick 
  Uni Of Warwick
17WRIGHT Patrick371371 - Hertford C of A 
  Hertford C of A
33HORNE Allan12101210 - Noak Hill A 
  Noak Hill A
34BARLOW Ru26252625 - Griffin Archers 
  Griffin Archers
35VAN KLEEF-BOLTON Wilco12101210 - Noak Hill A 
  Noak Hill A
36COLLIS Dominic25952595 - Wallingford Castle Archers 
  Wallingford Castle Archers
37DOWSETT John12941294 - Cymric A 
  Cymric A
38BROWNE Paul371371 - Hertford C of A 
  Hertford C of A
39HURSHAM Ian464464 - West Essex B 
  West Essex B
40BROWN Matthew414414 - Old Basing A 
  Old Basing A
41ELLIS David13391339 - Rivernook B 
  Rivernook B
42TSE Oliver44 - Archery GB 
  Archery GB
43LEWER Tony253253 - Reigate Priory B 
  Reigate Priory B
44DEVLIN Andrew464464 - West Essex B 
  West Essex B
45THOMAS-PRAUSE Gareth210210 - High Weald AC 
  High Weald AC
46BROWN Lewis312312 - Crystal Palace B 
  Crystal Palace B
47HARDING Phil260260 - Farnham A 
  Farnham A
48PARTINGTON Garry881881 - Eccles Archery Club 
  Eccles Archery Club
49DONALDSON Gary907907 - Cleadon A 
  Cleadon A
50BARRETT-REES Jakob16541654 - Blandy Jenkins A 
  Blandy Jenkins A
51LOW Lucas14401440 - Imperial College Union AC 
  Imperial College Union AC