2020 Arizona State JOAD Indoor Championships 2020 Arizona State JOAD Indoor Championships
Papago Archery Association (PAA)
Ben Avery Indoor Range, from 04-01-2020 to 5-01-2020
Participant List in Alphabetical Order
A - B - C
Country or State Code
Country or State Code
ABELMAN Colin12AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
ADKINS Preston9AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound AM Sunday
AINSWORTH Cailyn6AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound AM Sunday
ALIHODZIC Allen10DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
AMUNDSEN Kiel2CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound AM Sunday
ANDERSON Laurel10CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
ASHBY Jordon4AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
BACHMAN Ryan2AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior MenCompound AM Sunday
BARSELL Madison4AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
BLAKE Chandler5BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
BONILLA Laelani11BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
BORRELLI Kolbe5CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
BRANCH Amanda2CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
BREID Emma11DAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
BROWNSHELLMAN Onna3BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
BRUNKO Hunter11AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
BRZEZNIAK Natalie12DAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
BURLEY Mj12CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound AM Sunday
CARLSON Chloe4AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
CHOI Erin12CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
CHRISTIANSEN Olyvia8BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
CLEGHORN Alexandra1CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
COLATTUR Sonya3BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
COOK Jack1CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
CROWDER Noelle4BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
E - F - G - H
Country or State Code
Country or State Code
EMERY Mitchell7DAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
ENGELTHALER Nathan6DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound AM Sunday
ESTRELLER Chema3AAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
FISK Peityn11CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
FOCHT Jerod8AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
FOTH Zachary12DAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
FOURNIER Donya1AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
FRANZONE Hailey2BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
GANDHOKE Jasleen5CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
GARCIA Abel11CAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
GARRA Seane8AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound AM Sunday
GOLDSTEIN Solomon7BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
GRAHAM Lilly11DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
GRUJICIC Tamara12BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
GUTIERREZ Alexia10DAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
HAIN Harper5DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman WomenCompound PM Sunday
HARIADI Aliyapadi7BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
HEARN Lily1BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
HELMAN Haley12BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound AM Sunday
HEMPLEMAN Ryann5CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
HENDRICKSON Stone7AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
HJERPE Waylon8CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
HOLLEY London9BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
HOWARD Trinity8BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
HUEY Joseph8CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
I - J - K - L
Country or State Code
Country or State Code
IGUARAN Brooke4BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
JENSEN Whitney13AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
JONES Dylon2BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound PM Sunday
KANG Andrew1AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
KANG Derrick9CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
KEHLENBACH Morgan8DAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
KELLER Elisa5AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior WomenCompound PM Sunday
KIPPES Abigail4CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
KOLB Mikie3BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman MenCompound AM Sunday
KREBS Katie10BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
KREIDLER Kaitlin6DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound PM Sunday
KUCKER Mariska3AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
LALITH Madesh2CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
LANAHAN II Keith2AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
LEIBEL Danika1BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
LEVARIO Travis3AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior MenCompound AM Sunday
LICKFELDT Cameron3BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound PM Sunday
LICKFELDT Cole4BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman MenCompound PM Sunday
LIU Celine1BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
LONGORIA Brianne1BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound AM Sunday
LUNT Eden6AAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
M - N - O - P - R - S
Country or State Code
Country or State Code
MEDINA Arturo12BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
MIRICH Jackson13BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
MONTERO Medley9AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
MORRIS Cameryn12BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound PM Sunday
NIELSEN Patrick6BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
NIELSEN Patrick8DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound AM Sunday
O'BRIEN Ella7AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound AM Sunday
OH Daniella9BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
OH Matthew6AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound PM Sunday
PATE Regan3CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
PIERCE Cayden2AAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
REED Aiden12DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman MenCompound PM Sunday
REUTER David8DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub MenCompound PM Sunday
REUTER Kelley4CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound PM Sunday
RIST Brenson3CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound AM Sunday
SAMPSEL Logan5AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior MenCompound AM Sunday
SCHLEIF Madison3DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior WomenCompound AM Sunday
SHIROMA Benjamin1DAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
SHIROMA Jonathan5BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
SHIROMA Nathanael2DAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Yeoman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
SHURTLEFF Savannah10BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
SIDELL Matthew3AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
SMITH Andrew5BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
SMITH Shaylee2BAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound AM Sunday
STAINS Katie10AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
STANFIELD Hunter5DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman MenCompound AM Sunday
STANFIELD Tyler1CAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound AM Sunday
STEINESS Harleigh11DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet WomenCompound AM Sunday
STONECIPHER Chance1AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior MenCompound AM Sunday
STONECIPHER Dakota5AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
STROJEK Trevor7DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cadet MenCompound PM Sunday
T - V - W
Country or State Code
Country or State Code
TERCERO Isabella9DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Cub WomenCompound AM Sunday
TERSEY Kolin7DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior MenCompound AM Sunday
TO Nicholas8AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Junior MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
VADLAMUDI Samhitha6BAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
VAN WHY Andrew12CAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cadet MenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
VEIDMARK Reese1AAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Junior WomenCompound PM Sunday
VEIDMARK Reese9DAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Junior WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
VERSTEEG Cooper9DAZUSA-ARIZONACompound Bowman MenCompound PM Sunday
WALTMAN Jasper3CAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Bowman MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
WESTON Justin2BAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub MenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
WHITE Jameria4CAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday
WINGS Alison6AAZUSA-ARIZONARecurve Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow PM Saturday
WUNDERLICH Jenna5AAZUSA-ARIZONABarebow Cub WomenRecurve/Barebow AM Saturday