Kings of Archery Series: JVD Open Kings of Archery Series: JVD Open
Sander Dolderman (SD)
Eindhoven, from 16-11-2019 to 17-11-2019
Participant List group by Country
DEHNER Roland7DBarebow MenJoker Round
HOCHMAIR Andreas31CRecurve MenJoker Round
MAYER Michael31DCompound MenJoker Round
SCHULDNER Helmut24FRecurve MenJoker Round
TRAXLER Helmuth6BBarebow MenJoker Round
ACKX Enzo9DCompound MenJoker Round
ADAM Frédéric23DRecurve MenJoker Round
AERTS Lars24ERecurve MenJoker Round
ALLAERT Nick26DCompound MenJoker Round
ALLIANCE Jordan34BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
AVONDS Luc33ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BEDEZ Dimitri5CBarebow MenJoker Round
BIANCHI Kevin34DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BIL Brian42BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BOECKX Nicky46ACompound WomenJoker Round
BOLLEN Olivier23BRecurve MenJoker Round
BOUVRY Tim20CCompound MenJoker Round
BRAECKMAN Marc63BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRIOEN Ingrid50FCompound WomenJoker Round
BUNTINX Tim13CCompound MenJoker Round
CALLEWAERT Danny18DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
CALLUY Marc26BRecurve MenJoker Round
CIMETTA Chrystelle61BCompound WomenJoker Round
CLAES Haidi39ERecurve WomenJoker Round
CORIJN Dimitry41ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DALLA-LIBERA Alain65BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DAMAN Jelle17ERecurve MenJoker Round
DAMAN Patrik18ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DAMAN Peter11CRecurve MenJoker Round
DE BACKER Kurt9CRecurve MenJoker Round
DE RYCKÈRE Eric68BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DE SCHRYVER Jeroen22ERecurve MenJoker Round
DE SMEDT Aycko38DRecurve WomenJoker Round
DE SMEDT Jarno8CRecurve MenJoker Round
DELIVEYNE Frederic18ACompound MenJoker Round
DELLEMANS Bjarne24ECompound MenJoker Round
DELLEMANS Erwin57DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
DELVIGNE Olivier38DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEMEY Dominiek45CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEMEY Henri46DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEMEY Julie62FCompound WomenJoker Round
DEMEY Louise57ECompound WomenJoker Round
DENAYER Seb49BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
DEPREZ Filip21CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DESMET Sebastien14CRecurve MenJoker Round
DESTROOPER Charlotte34FRecurve WomenJoker Round
DIMASO Cassandra60ACompound WomenJoker Round
DRIESEN Wim22CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
ETIENNE David11DCompound MenJoker Round
FLAMANT Mathieu39ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FLEURINCK Mick20DCompound MenJoker Round
FREDERICKX Brend51ACompound MenFinals
FREDERICKX Danny20CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FREDERICKX Joran30CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GABRIELS Koen7ABarebow MenJoker Round
GEERAERTS Bart9ERecurve MenJoker Round
GEORGES Geoffroy50ACompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
GEURTS Brieuc27BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GOOSSENS Chris39ACompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
GOOSSENS Lenka35BRecurve WomenJoker Round
GOUVERNEUR Philippe23ECompound MenJoker Round
GYSELS Eddy5EBarebow MenJoker Round
HELLEMANS Julie41DRecurve WomenJoker Round
HUAUX Jade57BCompound WomenJoker Round
JACOBS Christine37FRecurve WomenJoker Round
JANSEN Ben27ARecurve MenJoker Round
JORIS Gianni5FCompound MenJoker Round
KOOLS Jonathan3CCompound MenJoker Round
KOOLS Reginald4ACompound MenJoker Round
KUSHNIRUK Olena33DRecurve WomenJoker Round
KWICK Bart20ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LIEVE Versyck64BCompound WomenJoker Round
LINSEN Dirk29ERecurve MenJoker Round
MAAS Matthias36ACompound MenJoker Round
MARKEY Pieter23CRecurve MenJoker Round
MARKEY Tom20DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MARTENS Naomi48FCompound WomenJoker Round
MESTDAGH Sven64CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MEYNEN DEGRYSE Lena47BCompound WomenJoker Round
MOINEAU Christophe4CBarebow MenJoker Round
NAUWELAERTS Liezle43BRecurve WomenJoker Round
NOIRET Frank71ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
OSNOWSKI Roger74ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
OSNOWSKI Sebastien12DCompound MenJoker Round
PAESMANS Glenn26BCompound MenJoker Round
PARENT Marc39DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PELLIZARI BartCompound MenSes. 0
POELMANS Jarno40BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
POELMANS Jonie59ECompound WomenJoker Round
POTTEAU Baptist42DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PRIEELS Philippe75CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
PRIEELS Sarah44ECompound WomenJoker Round
PUCCI Eleni36DRecurve WomenJoker Round
REYNTIENS Kristof54DCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
REYNTIENS Marc75BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
ROELANDTS Manuella63CCompound WomenJoker Round
ROOS Senna11BRecurve MenJoker Round
SCHURMANS Wout29DCompound MenJoker Round
SIMONS Axel30BRecurve MenJoker Round
SIMONS Dave40CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
SIMONS Mark30ECompound MenJoker Round
SNELS Els41ARecurve WomenJoker Round
SOETAERT Stefaan14FCompound MenJoker Round
STEYLAERTS Esther36BRecurve WomenJoker Round
STINKENS Feel24ARecurve MenJoker Round
STRENS Alain37DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
TEVEL Thomas29BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
THEUNIS Marco14BRecurve MenJoker Round
VAEL Jonathan45BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN CAMP Kris76DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VAN DEN BEMPT Dirk72BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VAN DEN BROECK Els32ARecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN DEN HOECK Maurice72ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VAN DER HOEVEN Yentl26DRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN HERREWEGE Lauralee42BRecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN HOUTVEN Karianne39DRecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN LOOY Quinten12BCompound MenJoker Round
VAN MONTAGU Piotr34BCompound MenJoker Round
VAN REMOORTERE Jorden12FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN SPRENGEL Pieter45ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN STEEN Elian22FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN UYTSEL Vadim3CBarebow MenJoker Round
VANDENWEYER Bradley44CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VANDEPOELE Mathieu15BCompound MenJoker Round
VANDERVELDEN Vincent70DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VANHAEREN Maarten13ARecurve MenJoker Round
VERDEYEN Luc61ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VERMEULEN Filip74BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VERMEULEN Mathias44DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VERMOSEN Francois43DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VERSTAPPEN Dorien1DBarebow WomenJoker Round
VERVACKE Jaron15ACompound MenJoker Round
VINGERHOETS BartCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
WOUTERS Danny12ARecurve MenJoker Round
WOUTERS Yannick16BRecurve MenJoker Round
LAVRENTIEV Oleg16ECompound MenJoker Round
ARNTZ Tim33ACompound MenJoker Round
BURRI Kevin7DCompound MenJoker Round
CLAUSS Sylvi52ACompound WomenJoker Round
EBERHARD Elaila54FCompound WomenJoker Round
GASSER Werner62CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GAUTSCHI Lukas24ACompound MenJoker Round
HAEFELFINGER Roman21CCompound MenJoker Round
OLEKSEJENKO Elena51ECompound WomenJoker Round
SCHLEGEL Stefan8FCompound MenJoker Round
WOZNIAK Kasia55CCompound WomenJoker Round
ZOMBORI Alain33DCompound MenJoker Round
BERANEK Radek11ARecurve MenJoker Round
BRADA Vladimír21BCompound MenJoker Round
CELMANOVÁ Karolína56CCompound WomenJoker Round
REITMEIER Filip24FCompound MenJoker Round
VANEK Martin17BCompound MenJoker Round
ZIKMUNDOVA Martina54ECompound WomenJoker Round
ALTENHOFF Karsten30DCompound MenJoker Round
ASBACH Jens62ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BARCZEWSKI Thomas71BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
BELLMANN Sandra38BRecurve WomenJoker Round
BERNINCHES Oliver37FCompound MenJoker Round
BIRKENFELD Philipp6ECompound MenJoker Round
BÖHM Sascha27FRecurve MenJoker Round
BÖHNKE Julia47ECompound WomenJoker Round
BÖING Alexander8ECompound MenJoker Round
BOLM Michael40ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRKIC Dino44ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BROSEN Volker3FBarebow MenJoker Round
BRULIC EnisCompound MenSes. 0
BRUMANN Christian43BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRUNN Heiko29ACompound MenJoker Round
BÜRMANN Anja54CCompound WomenJoker Round
BÜRMANN Ralf71CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
BUTZ Andrea61FCompound WomenJoker Round
BUTZ Stefan60CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEHNERT Dieter18CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEHNERT Stefan30BCompound MenJoker Round
DEPTULA Martin68ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DEPTULA Tanja53FCompound WomenJoker Round
DIECKMANN Franziska63BCompound WomenJoker Round
DIECKMANN Jan30CCompound MenJoker Round
DOLATA Carsten47DCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
DOLDE Nicole54BCompound WomenJoker Round
DURCHDEWALD Timo4ABarebow MenFinals
EIDEN Dennis32DCompound MenJoker Round
EISENTRÄGER Nadine61CCompound WomenJoker Round
ERDOGAN Nail33BCompound MenJoker Round
FINK Claudia55BCompound WomenJoker Round
FORSTER Pascal14ARecurve MenJoker Round
FRAMME Georg64ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FRANZEN Andreas61DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FRANZEN Kati56DCompound WomenJoker Round
GEIGER Gunnar41BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GELLER Anna Laeticia56ACompound WomenJoker Round
GEMSA Melanie17ABarebow WomenFinals
GONDEK Dennis25CCompound MenJoker Round
GÖRNER Thomas46CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GÖRTZ Marc7CBarebow MenJoker Round
GÖSCH Gerhard36BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GÖTTGES Marco69CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
GRAFMANNS Florian22BCompound MenJoker Round
GRÖTZINGER Gerlinde53ECompound WomenJoker Round
GRÖTZINGER Jürgen65CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
GRÖTZINGER Patrick22DCompound MenJoker Round
HADWIGER Dirk6FBarebow MenJoker Round
HAFER Jürgen73CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HAHNENKAMM Markus32ECompound MenJoker Round
HALLMANN Günter28ACompound MenJoker Round
HAMDORF Sebastian9FCompound MenJoker Round
HASENFUSS Thomas13ECompound MenJoker Round
HEEG Tobias26CCompound MenJoker Round
HEIDTMANN Holger5ABarebow MenFinals
HILLMER Ralph7BBarebow MenJoker Round
HISCHEMÖLLER Steffen21DRecurve MenJoker Round
HOFFMANN Jan10ECompound MenJoker Round
HÖMKE Grit2CBarebow WomenJoker Round
HORNBERGER Oliver42CCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HORNUNG Henrik12ECompound MenJoker Round
JAGUSCH Alex60DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
JANKE Kai23BCompound MenJoker Round
JANWLECKE Frank73DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
JESSE Herbert62BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
JÖCKER Peter68CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KATZENBERG Christian26DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KESSLER Hannah39ARecurve WomenJoker Round
KIEHL Bernd23FCompound MenJoker Round
KIEHL Diana57FCompound WomenJoker Round
KIEHL Domenic29ECompound MenJoker Round
KLEIN Tobias17FRecurve MenJoker Round
KLESMANN Daniela36ARecurve WomenFinals
KOHN Ralf75ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
KOK Paul23DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KOLLER Sebastian27BRecurve MenJoker Round
KOLMEN Markus30FRecurve MenJoker Round
KRASTEL Bernd71DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
KREFTSIEK Stefanie57CCompound WomenJoker Round
KUHRAU Markus12BRecurve MenJoker Round
KULSCH Thomas76BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
KUNSTEIN Martina18ABarebow WomenFinals
LANDESFEIND Carolin15ABarebow WomenFinals
LANDESFEIND Dorith54ACompound WomenJoker Round
LANDROCK Katharina48ACompound WomenJoker Round
LANGKABEL Rick35CCompound MenJoker Round
LAUER Jörg26ACompound MenJoker Round
LEHNEN Florian36ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LOEWE Annika40FRecurve WomenJoker Round
LOEWE Christoph29ARecurve MenJoker Round
LORENZ Frank57BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
LÜHRS Martin15BRecurve MenJoker Round
LUIDOLT Herbert75DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
LÜPKEMANN Henning2DCompound MenJoker Round
LUTZ Phil30ACompound MenJoker Round
MALLMANN Christian28CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MARCHEVKA Sebastian6DBarebow MenJoker Round
MAYR Camilo8ERecurve MenJoker Round
MEISSNER Janine66ACompound WomenFinals
MERZ Heike41FRecurve WomenJoker Round
MERZ Olaf23ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MERZ Torsten9ABarebow MenFinals
MEYER AbigailRecurve WomenSes. 0
MILTHALER Sarah1EBarebow WomenJoker Round
MÜNSTERER Florian37ECompound MenJoker Round
NAKAMURA Karen1ABarebow WomenJoker Round
NIBBE Ingo19DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
NIEMANN NiklasCompound MenSes. 0
NORDMEYER - KUHNE Tanja60FCompound WomenJoker Round
NORDMEYER Britta36ERecurve WomenJoker Round
NOTO Serena35CRecurve WomenJoker Round
OLSCHEWSKI VincentRecurve MenSes. 0
OPPERMANN Ingo66CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
OTT Alina39CRecurve WomenJoker Round
OTT Grigorij19ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
OVERFELD DirkCompound MenSes. 0
PAULS Patrick69ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
PAULS Sabine63ECompound WomenJoker Round
PFEIFFER Katja62CCompound WomenJoker Round
PIECHA Marcus21DCompound MenJoker Round
PIECHA Patrick53ACompound MenFinals
PITULE ErichCompound Senior MenSes. 0
PLITT Frank1ABarebow MenFinals
PÖTSCH Jörg21BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PREUSSNER André28CRecurve MenJoker Round
PROSCH Andreas32CCompound MenJoker Round
PRUES Peer-Thorsten4FBarebow MenJoker Round
RABENOW Axel21DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
RÄDER MeikeRecurve WomenSes. 0
RÄDER Philipp23ERecurve MenJoker Round
RALFS Björn34ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
REHR Stefan64DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
REICH Andreas34CCompound MenJoker Round
REICHERT Robert58BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
REIßER Lukas18ARecurve MenJoker Round
REMMERT Lars29DRecurve MenJoker Round
RENNETT Annika42ERecurve WomenJoker Round
RENSMANN Dirk18CCompound MenJoker Round
RICHTER AndreasCompound Senior MenSes. 0
RIEGER Cedric22ARecurve MenFinals
ROSEK Philipp13ACompound MenJoker Round
ROTH Axel67DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
ROTH Patricia48ECompound WomenJoker Round
RÜTER Christina49DCompound WomenJoker Round
SAGA Waldemar60BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
SAMBALE BodoCompound Senior MenSes. 0
SAUTER Patricia45DCompound WomenJoker Round
SAUTER Sabine45CCompound WomenJoker Round
SCHAPMANN Ralf28DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
SCHIMTZ Sven29CCompound MenJoker Round
SCHMID Günther35ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
SCHNEIDER ChristineCompound WomenSes. 0
SCHNEIDER Stephan25BRecurve MenJoker Round
SCHRÄER Holger3DBarebow MenJoker Round
SCHULTE Sven33FCompound MenJoker Round
SCHÜTZ Dirk27CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
SCHÜTZ Leon38ACompound MenJoker Round
SCHÜTZ Yannick5ACompound MenJoker Round
SINGLE Diana16ABarebow WomenFinals
SPICKENBAUM Jutta62BCompound WomenJoker Round
SPICKENBAUM Ralf73BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
STEGMANN Matthias20DRecurve MenJoker Round
STENAU Christine58ACompound WomenJoker Round
STIEGLITZ Stefan35DCompound MenJoker Round
SUHK Kirstin58CCompound WomenJoker Round
SÜSS Florian25DRecurve MenJoker Round
TERWEY Andreas31ECompound MenJoker Round
THIELE Alexander16DRecurve MenJoker Round
UHLMANN André20ARecurve MenJoker Round
VOGE Michael68DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VON SCHILLING Hubertus23CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VON SCHILLING Ute34CRecurve WomenJoker Round
VOß Melanie40CRecurve WomenJoker Round
VOSLOO Francois30ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
WAKAL Martin30FCompound MenJoker Round
WALTER Christian39BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
WECKMÜLLER Max10BRecurve MenJoker Round
WEITSCH Jennifer52CCompound WomenJoker Round
WENZL Jennifer60DCompound WomenJoker Round
WERNER SamuelCompound MenSes. 0
WEYAND KerstinCompound WomenSes. 0
WIESE Ulrike55DCompound WomenJoker Round
WIRTHMANN Jens29CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
WITTHÖFT Mattes16ERecurve MenJoker Round
ZILINSKI Thomas17ARecurve MenJoker Round
ZIMMERMANN Mirco47ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
AGERUP Rune28FRecurve MenJoker Round
ANDERSEN Christian5BCompound MenJoker Round
AUGUST Josephine36FRecurve WomenJoker Round
BANG Jan63CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BANG Margaret53DCompound WomenJoker Round
BJARNARSON Tore2FCompound MenJoker Round
BRAMSEN Rasmus5ECompound MenJoker Round
BRYLD Nicklas Bredal46ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DAMKJER Kent24BCompound MenJoker Round
DAMSBO Erika47CCompound WomenJoker Round
DAMSBO Martin48ACompound MenFinals
ERDAL Mads25ECompound MenJoker Round
FREDERIKSEN Henrik24ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HANSEN Mikael Bo3ABarebow MenFinals
HANSEN Stephan41ACompound MenFinals
HUMMEL Oliver28CCompound MenJoker Round
IBSEN Mikkel19ACompound MenJoker Round
JAKOBSEN Kenneth Bredal41DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
JENSEN Tanja47ACompound WomenJoker Round
KNUDSEN Mads2ECompound MenJoker Round
LADEGAARD Jørgen26BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LAURSEN Martin16DCompound MenJoker Round
LUND Sanna53CCompound WomenJoker Round
MUNK CARLSEN Pil51CCompound WomenJoker Round
OLESEN Maria Selch11ABarebow WomenFinals
PINDBO Claus Vigen8ABarebow MenFinals
RASMUSSEN Henrik61CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
STAUDT OliverRecurve MenSes. 0
STREET Per7ABarebow MenFinals
STÜTZ Natacha46FCompound WomenJoker Round
VØLUND Helge22FCompound MenJoker Round
HERNANDEZ Roberto46ACompound MenFinals
HERRAIZ OSUNA Jordi37BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MARCOS Andrea45ECompound WomenJoker Round
MARTINEZ CALVO Raquel53ACompound WomenJoker Round
HÕIM Emily51ACompound WomenJoker Round
JÄÄTMA Lisell44ACompound WomenJoker Round
KULL Krista59ACompound WomenJoker Round
MARANDI Mart65ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PAAS Meeri-Marita63ACompound WomenFinals
RESSAR Evert23CCompound MenJoker Round
VÕHUMÕÕK Indrek36ECompound MenJoker Round
JUUTILAINEN Mikko6DCompound MenJoker Round
NISULA Satu53BCompound WomenJoker Round
RATILAINEN Samuel14FRecurve MenJoker Round
SIEVINEN Pauli26ERecurve MenJoker Round
ADALBERT David23ACompound MenJoker Round
ADNET Manuel76ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
ALBERT Vanessa40ARecurve WomenJoker Round
ALEXANDRE Cvejic34FCompound MenJoker Round
ALLIOT Mathieu27DCompound MenJoker Round
ARROUGE Yoann14CCompound MenJoker Round
BABLEE Agnès57DCompound WomenJoker Round
BAIL José21FCompound MenJoker Round
BARAËR Antoine17BRecurve MenJoker Round
BARAER Edouard37ACompound MenJoker Round
BARAËR Quentin8DCompound MenJoker Round
BARBIER Anthony10CRecurve MenJoker Round
BAUDOT Anthony24CRecurve MenJoker Round
BIDAULT Jerome9DRecurve MenJoker Round
BONDON Angélique52DCompound WomenJoker Round
BONDON Morgan10ACompound MenJoker Round
BOTTE Louise34ARecurve WomenFinals
BOULCH Hubert63DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BOULCH Jean-Philippe3ECompound MenJoker Round
BOURGEON Jeremy5FBarebow MenJoker Round
BRESSON Victor10DRecurve MenJoker Round
BRILLAND Cedric41CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRUNET Hervé19BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRUNET Sabine37ARecurve WomenJoker Round
BURRUS Raphaël26FCompound MenJoker Round
CADRONET Nathan34ACompound MenJoker Round
CAHUZAC Aurelie41BRecurve WomenJoker Round
CHAMBOLÉRON Luc22CCompound MenJoker Round
CHANOINE Elise50CCompound WomenJoker Round
CHEVALIER Gilles28ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
CHINON Romain38ECompound MenJoker Round
COPIN Frederic11CCompound MenJoker Round
CORNU Jean Michel64BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
CORSIN Valentin18ERecurve MenJoker Round
CORVINO Sergio3EBarebow MenJoker Round
CROSSIN Jimmy13DCompound MenJoker Round
CUZIN Arnaud31ERecurve MenJoker Round
DAULEU Ludovic4CCompound MenJoker Round
DE GOULET Thibaut20ACompound MenJoker Round
DELAVAULT Nicolas35FCompound MenJoker Round
DELEVOYE Jerome36CCompound MenJoker Round
DELOBELLE Fabien4DCompound MenJoker Round
DELOCHE Pierre-Julien1ECompound MenJoker Round
DESVIGNES Lauranne33FRecurve WomenJoker Round
DHENRY Philippe61BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DHONT Valerie61ACompound WomenJoker Round
DIETRICH Jonathan35ACompound MenJoker Round
DODÉMONT Sophie61ACompound WomenFinals
DRACHE Jeremy31DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DUBOIS Reginald30BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DUBRAY Vanessa61ECompound WomenJoker Round
DUPUIS Anthony12FCompound MenJoker Round
DURAND Damien31CCompound MenJoker Round
DURANTET Sébastien16BCompound MenJoker Round
ETIENNE Dieval32ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FRAIGNEAU Clemence49ACompound WomenJoker Round
GALLAIS DUTRIEZ Alban11BCompound MenJoker Round
GALLAIS DUTRIEZ Alexandra51DCompound WomenJoker Round
GASSE Nicolas28DCompound MenJoker Round
GIBOULET Audrey52BCompound WomenJoker Round
GODON Christophe6EBarebow MenJoker Round
GONTIER Adrien8ACompound MenJoker Round
GROCHOWALSKI Corentin28ERecurve MenJoker Round
GUÉNIOT Joseph19CRecurve MenJoker Round
HAAG Niklas58ACompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HAUTTEMENT Fabrice26FRecurve MenJoker Round
HENNIQUE Chris15ECompound MenJoker Round
HERVÉ Bruno62DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HERVE Salaün67ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HERVÉ Sandra45FCompound WomenJoker Round
JOUBERT Valentin11FCompound MenJoker Round
JULIEN Simon3ACompound MenJoker Round
KORCHIA Laetitia59BCompound WomenJoker Round
LALLEMANT Julien20BCompound MenJoker Round
LAURENCEAU Kevin36DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LAURENT Jonathan36BCompound MenJoker Round
LECROC Jérome31ACompound MenJoker Round
LEFEUVRE Camille27ACompound MenJoker Round
LEFORT Quentin21ERecurve MenJoker Round
LEROUGE Cedric29BCompound MenJoker Round
LESAFFRE Jeremy40DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LIBERT Eric18BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LIENARD Sébastien15DCompound MenJoker Round
LOPEZ Christophe29ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MACHINET Audrey34DRecurve WomenJoker Round
MALARD Sylvain32FCompound MenJoker Round
MARINI Cedric25ACompound MenJoker Round
MAULARD Tristan25BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MAZE Benoit67CCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MAZE Tanguy22ECompound MenJoker Round
MENARD Fabrice25BCompound MenJoker Round
MERIAUX Maxime44BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MICHELOT Thibaut24DRecurve MenJoker Round
MONTAGNE Elodie48CCompound WomenJoker Round
MOREL Pierre34ECompound MenJoker Round
MORFAUX Christian20BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
NEVERS Vincent18BCompound MenJoker Round
PAPOT Cédric26ECompound MenJoker Round
PARFAIT Helene33CRecurve WomenJoker Round
PATAUT Frederic30ERecurve MenJoker Round
PEINEAU Sebastien3DCompound MenJoker Round
PIETTE Julien24DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PIRON Benjamin29FCompound MenJoker Round
PORCHET David19ECompound MenJoker Round
POUPARD Valerie41ERecurve WomenJoker Round
RENAUDIN Tiphaine46DCompound WomenJoker Round
RIPAUX Valentin13CRecurve MenJoker Round
ROUGIER Mathieu9ECompound MenJoker Round
ROUSSEAUX CharlèneCompound WomenSes. 0
ROUX Herve53DCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
SAINTE-CROIX Coraline59CCompound WomenJoker Round
SAUNIER François10CCompound MenJoker Round
SCHEPPERS Lucrezia32FRecurve WomenJoker Round
SCHEPPERS Madison35DRecurve WomenJoker Round
SOBRY Félix14BCompound MenJoker Round
THIERRY Jeremy22ACompound MenJoker Round
TIMOSSI Stéphane74CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
TOM Jouffroy24BRecurve MenJoker Round
TOMBUL Alexis6BCompound MenJoker Round
TORLET Teddy11ACompound MenJoker Round
VAN DERCAMERE Maxime21ECompound MenJoker Round
VANHAMME Cyril27DRecurve MenJoker Round
VAUTE Delphine62ACompound WomenJoker Round
VAUTE Sylvain37DCompound MenJoker Round
VIEL Wolfgang36DCompound MenJoker Round
VIGARIÉ Gilles18FCompound MenJoker Round
VILLARD Lauréna32BRecurve WomenJoker Round
WATTEBLED Loic15CCompound MenJoker Round
NICLASEN Jógvan30DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
POULSEN Jóannes31FCompound MenJoker Round
BAINTON Aaron38CCompound MenJoker Round
BUSBY Duncan4FCompound MenJoker Round
CARPENTER Adam16ACompound MenJoker Round
CARPENTER Isabelle47FCompound WomenJoker Round
CORLESS Susan46CCompound WomenJoker Round
COTTERILL Martyn18ECompound MenJoker Round
GARDINER Matthew14ERecurve MenJoker Round
GEENES Colin21ACompound MenJoker Round
GIBSON Ella62ACompound WomenFinals
GONCALVES Jose36CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HARPER Rhys12CCompound MenJoker Round
HARRIE-THOMPSON Peter74DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HINCKLEY Phil22BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HOLMES Simon66BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LARKINS YuliaRecurve WomenSes. 0
LASZKOWICZ Neil31BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LOCK Oskars13BCompound MenJoker Round
MASON James1CCompound MenJoker Round
MCGARRY Daniel25DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MEERING Sophie37CRecurve WomenJoker Round
METCALFE Jim23DCompound MenJoker Round
NOTT Jon54CCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
OSULLIVAN Lucy48DCompound WomenJoker Round
PARVESS Michael63ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PEDZIWIATR Jacek33ECompound MenJoker Round
PERKINS Louis19BCompound MenJoker Round
SARGEANT Bayley69ACompound WomenFinals
SEEZ Carol-anne13ABarebow WomenFinals
SHAW David27CCompound MenJoker Round
SPINKS Abbie58FCompound WomenJoker Round
STEPHENSON Oliver23FRecurve MenJoker Round
SWART David31ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
THOMAS Geraint17CCompound MenJoker Round
THOMAS Nathan38BCompound MenJoker Round
TUTUIANU Anca59FCompound WomenJoker Round
WHITE Chris16CCompound MenJoker Round
KORMPETIS Aris6ABarebow MenFinals
PAPADAKIS Nikolaos37CCompound MenJoker Round
BUDEN Domagoj50ACompound MenFinals
CAGIRAN Evren2ACompound MenJoker Round
HAROMSZEKI Petra63FCompound WomenJoker Round
MOLNÁR Szilvia40BRecurve WomenJoker Round
NAGY Éva57ACompound WomenJoker Round
OROSZ Viktor4BCompound MenJoker Round
OTT Balázs57CCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
SZELESY Bence19BRecurve MenJoker Round
SZIJÁRTÓ László7BCompound MenJoker Round
VARGA David7ECompound MenJoker Round
PAL Kashish14DCompound MenJoker Round
CAIRNS Billy76CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
CONVERY Alan32BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
COUGHLAN Josh17CRecurve MenJoker Round
HAMILTON Dean17ACompound MenJoker Round
HENRY Michael67BCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MAYBIN Andrew37ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MEYLER Niamh2BBarebow WomenJoker Round
MITCHELL Jordan2CCompound MenJoker Round
MONTGOMERY Matt38ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
NESBITT Mark13BRecurve MenJoker Round
O'CONNOR Rhiannon42ARecurve WomenJoker Round
RIDDELL Christopher16FRecurve MenJoker Round
WALSH Jake4ECompound MenJoker Round
BEHAR Kfir25DCompound MenJoker Round
JASSIN Zorit1FBarebow WomenJoker Round
KHRUSTALEVA Tatiana2ABarebow WomenJoker Round
KLEINER Shahar10FRecurve MenJoker Round
LEVITAS Igal5BBarebow MenJoker Round
MELAMED Yehonatan20ECompound MenJoker Round
RAVID Adi21ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
RAVID Naveh22DRecurve MenJoker Round
RAVIV Shlomi70ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
SHANNY Itay12CRecurve MenJoker Round
YAMROM Shamai28ECompound MenJoker Round
AGAMENNONI Annalisa33ERecurve WomenJoker Round
ANASTASIO Anastasia44FCompound WomenJoker Round
BELLOTTI Daniele2ABarebow MenFinals
BOARI Lucilla31ARecurve WomenFinals
BONI Stefano65DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BRUNELLO Antonio5DCompound MenJoker Round
CAROSSO Cristiano4DBarebow MenJoker Round
CARUSO Paolo19ARecurve MenJoker Round
CAVALLERI Giulia49BCompound WomenJoker Round
DAVOLI Gianluca33CCompound MenJoker Round
DIANI Fabrizio25ARecurve MenJoker Round
FABI Franco19CRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FINESSI Monica45BCompound WomenJoker Round
FRANCHINI Irene45ACompound WomenJoker Round
FRANGILLI Carla33BRecurve WomenJoker Round
FRANGILLI Michele8DRecurve MenJoker Round
GRANATA Giuliana42CRecurve WomenJoker Round
GRILLI Eleonora46ECompound WomenJoker Round
LOMBARDI Simone43ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
MOLFESE Fabio8ARecurve MenJoker Round
MORELLO Marco26ARecurve MenFinals
NARDINOCCHI Livia35FRecurve WomenJoker Round
NOZIGLIA Cinzia12ABarebow WomenFinals
PAGNI Sergio1DCompound MenJoker Round
POLIDORI Jacopo32ACompound MenJoker Round
POMPEO Antonio7FCompound MenJoker Round
PONZIELLI Gianfranco20FRecurve MenJoker Round
REBAGLIATI Chiara37ARecurve WomenFinals
SALIMBENI Ezio27ECompound MenJoker Round
SANGALLI Fabio36FCompound MenJoker Round
SANTARELLI Cristina58ECompound WomenJoker Round
SEIMANDI Giuseppe9CCompound MenJoker Round
SERI Marco8FRecurve MenJoker Round
STROBBE Eleonora14ABarebow WomenFinals
TOSO Federico35ECompound MenJoker Round
KNALL PhilCompound MenSes. 0
EL CHEIKH Louai35BCompound MenJoker Round
ZACHARIAS Stefan24DCompound MenJoker Round
DIAKOVA Viktoriia47DCompound WomenJoker Round
HOCEVAR Arnaud13FCompound MenJoker Round
KLEIN Pit9BRecurve MenJoker Round
MOES Ben32BCompound MenJoker Round
POP Kenza62ECompound WomenJoker Round
POP Noah19DRecurve MenJoker Round
POP Razvan22BRecurve MenJoker Round
POZNIAKOVA Tetiana55ECompound WomenJoker Round
SEYWERT Gilles14ECompound MenJoker Round
SHKOLNA Mariya44BCompound WomenJoker Round
ROMAN Aida32ARecurve WomenFinals
ACHTERSTRAAT Shauni42FRecurve WomenJoker Round
ADAMIDIS Zeëa60ECompound WomenJoker Round
AJODHIA Vikash15ERecurve MenJoker Round
ANGEVARE Tobias20ERecurve MenJoker Round
ARETS Roel5DBarebow MenJoker Round
BAETS Frank5CCompound MenJoker Round
BAKKER Willem27ARecurve MenFinals
BAYARDO Gabriela33ARecurve WomenFinals
BERX Jordy12ACompound MenJoker Round
BESSEMS Yves31FRecurve MenJoker Round
BLASWEILER Bart18CRecurve MenJoker Round
BLASWEILER-BUTTER Bianca41CRecurve WomenJoker Round
BLEYENDAAL Ruben52ACompound MenFinals
BLINKHOF Manon64ACompound WomenJoker Round
BLOKKER Ijf46BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BOELEN Stephan27ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BOONSTRA Erica62DCompound WomenJoker Round
BOS Jackson33CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BOS Reinier45DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
BROEKHUIS John30ARecurve MenJoker Round
BROEKSMA Gijs25ARecurve MenFinals
BROESS Sjef29CRecurve MenJoker Round
BROUWER Emily38ERecurve WomenJoker Round
CACCIATORE SasaCompound Senior MenSes. 0
CALLEWAERT Pedro27CRecurve MenJoker Round
CHORTI Ariadni32ERecurve WomenJoker Round
CLEVEN Twan3ABarebow MenJoker Round
DAMEN Silvia1CBarebow WomenJoker Round
DAVIES Kristin37DRecurve WomenJoker Round
DE BAKKER Mick22CRecurve MenJoker Round
DE BOER Joeri26ARecurve MenJoker Round
DE BRUIJN Niels28DRecurve MenJoker Round
DE GREEF Lars23ARecurve MenJoker Round
DE GROOT Shakira37ERecurve WomenJoker Round
DE JONG Manou55FCompound WomenJoker Round
DE JONG Theo70BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
DE LAAT Sanne44CCompound WomenJoker Round
DEDEN Esther32CRecurve WomenJoker Round
DEELSTRA Jaldert-Jetse31ARecurve MenJoker Round
DESOUSA GiselleRecurve WomenSes. 0
DIELEMANS Mitch9FRecurve MenJoker Round
DIJKSLAG Stefan31CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DOORNBOSCH Geoffrey31DRecurve MenJoker Round
ELSTGEEST Dorus31BCompound MenJoker Round
ELZINGA Peter1BCompound MenJoker Round
ELZINGA Vanessa59DCompound WomenJoker Round
ENTHOVEN Inge50DCompound WomenJoker Round
ENTHOVEN Jan70CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
FERNANDES DA SILVA José Carlos35DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
FIECHTER Gertjan19ERecurve MenJoker Round
FOGET Koen9ARecurve MenJoker Round
FRERIKS Tim10ERecurve MenJoker Round
GEVEN Ben72CCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
GIEBELS 21ARecurve MenJoker Round
GOSTYNSKI Jacek51ACompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HANSEN Ancilla60CCompound WomenJoker Round
HARDIJZER Paul69DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HEIJKERS Antoinette43ARecurve WomenJoker Round
HELLEGERS Ton22DRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
HOLL Xander55BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HOOGMANS Frank21BRecurve MenJoker Round
HOUBIERS Ilse34ERecurve WomenJoker Round
HUIJBREGTS Sjan19ABarebow WomenFinals
JANSEN Jarno29FRecurve MenJoker Round
JANSSEN Aurora52FCompound WomenJoker Round
JEURISSEN Damiaan10ARecurve MenJoker Round
KIJLSTRA John22ARecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KLAASSEN Roy44BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
KLAVER Kaj38FCompound MenJoker Round
KOONINGS Mariska40ERecurve WomenJoker Round
KORTHOUT Maikel32CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KRIJGSMAN Kristian13ERecurve MenJoker Round
KUPPEN Theo53BCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
KWAKS Sarah34BRecurve WomenJoker Round
LAAN Sarina34ARecurve WomenJoker Round
LAZAREVIC Danijel29DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LOBBIA Marco20CRecurve MenJoker Round
MAAGDENBERG JeffreyRecurve Senior MenSes. 0
MAAGDENBERG Maeike42DRecurve WomenJoker Round
MICHIELS Thomas19FCompound MenJoker Round
NOEST Chantal63DCompound WomenJoker Round
OP DEN BUYSCH Mike33BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
OUDIJN Quinten12ERecurve MenJoker Round
PAALVAST Denyse39FRecurve WomenJoker Round
PANHUIJSEN Rens18FRecurve MenJoker Round
PASSIER Theo66DCompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PATER Sil7ACompound MenJoker Round
PENNINGS Patrick32DCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
PLEITER Denzel18DRecurve MenJoker Round
POLS Jennifer36ARecurve WomenJoker Round
POST Jasmijn35ERecurve WomenJoker Round
RADEMAKERS Magali39BRecurve WomenJoker Round
RAVE Robin28ARecurve MenJoker Round
REINDERS Brian31BRecurve MenJoker Round
RENNER Suzan56FCompound WomenJoker Round
REZELMAN Tom22ARecurve MenJoker Round
ROEFFEN Quinty38ARecurve WomenFinals
ROOS Nick29BRecurve MenJoker Round
SAFT Daan11DRecurve MenJoker Round
SCHLOESSER Mike44ACompound MenFinals
SCHREUDERS Colann6ACompound MenJoker Round
SCHUIT Laura51FCompound WomenJoker Round
SCHWEIGER Jurre30DRecurve MenJoker Round
SMEETS Yaël13FRecurve MenJoker Round
SNELDER Rik17FCompound MenJoker Round
STARREVELD John72DCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
STAS Hareld10FCompound MenJoker Round
STAS-COUWENBERG Martine50ACompound WomenJoker Round
STEER Jelte21CRecurve MenJoker Round
STEPHENS James25CRecurve MenJoker Round
STRIJBOS Jack17DCompound MenJoker Round
TEN HOEDT Kris23BRecurve Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
TJIN A DJIE Jay24CCompound MenJoker Round
UIJTTEN BOOGAART Patrick35CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAES Damian28ARecurve MenFinals
VAES Tim21FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN BROEKHOVEN Emma51BCompound WomenJoker Round
VAN BROEKHOVEN Mark42CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN CASPEL Inge64ACompound WomenFinals
VAN CRUCHTEN Arno42ACompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN DALEN Jasper18DCompound MenJoker Round
VAN DEN BERG - HOUFFELAAR Yvonne58BCompound WomenJoker Round
VAN DEN BERG Gerben19FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN DEN BERG Sjef23ARecurve MenFinals
VAN DEN BERK Sheila39ARecurve WomenFinals
VAN DEN BOSCH-SCHWANEN Guido19CCompound MenJoker Round
VAN DER MEULEN Roy66ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN DER PRIJT Nanne40DRecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN DER VEN Geert15FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN DER VEN Rick24ARecurve MenFinals
VAN DER WINKEL Laura33ARecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN DER ZANDEN Nico15CRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN DIJK KNEPPERS Marijn52ECompound WomenJoker Round
VAN EIJK Marco6CBarebow MenJoker Round
VAN EIJKEN Guus26CRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN EIL Naomi48BCompound WomenJoker Round
VAN EIL Thomas7CCompound MenJoker Round
VAN EKERT Pepijn25ERecurve MenJoker Round
VAN ESCH Colin30CRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN ESCH Yvonne38FRecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN GLABBEEK Rene27BCompound MenJoker Round
VAN GORKUM Jarno27ERecurve MenJoker Round
VAN GRINSVEN Marit36CRecurve WomenJoker Round
VAN HOUT Hans3BBarebow MenJoker Round
VAN KRAAY Kevin38BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VAN LAARHOVEN Kay11FRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN TIEL Bart14DRecurve MenJoker Round
VAN UDEN JoeCompound MenSes. 0
VAN VLODROP Olaf47CCompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VAN VLOTEN Alfred69BCompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
VERBURG Koen16FCompound MenJoker Round
VERHOEFF Stijn34CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VERLOUW Joost35BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
VERMEULEN Jody44DCompound WomenJoker Round
VERWOERDT Max9BCompound MenJoker Round
VILÉ Simcha17DRecurve MenJoker Round
VISSER Savanna38ARecurve WomenJoker Round
VISSER Sietske35ARecurve WomenFinals
VLIELAND Jordi38DCompound MenJoker Round
VOS Julle15DRecurve MenJoker Round
WEILAND Peter5ABarebow MenJoker Round
WIERING Jochem19DCompound MenJoker Round
WIJLER Steve11ECompound MenJoker Round
WILTHAGEN Jonah8BRecurve MenJoker Round
WINKLER Yael35ARecurve WomenJoker Round
WISMANS Jos4EBarebow MenJoker Round
WOLFS Tom20FCompound MenJoker Round
ZIELTJENS Martin43CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
ERIKSEN Arnt Marius20BRecurve MenJoker Round
ERIKSEN Eilif16CRecurve MenJoker Round
FAUGSTAD Anders8CCompound MenJoker Round
FURNES Christoffer15ARecurve MenJoker Round
HASTHI Sander12DRecurve MenJoker Round
HJELLE Petter73ACompound Senior MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
HJELLE Ylva50ECompound WomenJoker Round
HOLTE Ole25FCompound MenJoker Round
ISNES Trym14ACompound MenJoker Round
KJENSLI Rebekka56ECompound WomenJoker Round
LIE Eivind17ECompound MenJoker Round
NORDHAGEN-MARTINSEN Filip25FRecurve MenJoker Round
STORELV Amalie37BRecurve WomenJoker Round
STORELV Jon-Arne16ARecurve MenJoker Round
SØGNEN Bjørn28BRecurve MenJoker Round
TJENTLAND OddmundCompound MenSes. 0
LESNIAK Renata49FCompound WomenJoker Round
NAPLOSZEK Kamila32DRecurve WomenJoker Round
NAPLOSZEK Slawomir29ARecurve MenFinals
GONÇALVES Luis11ERecurve MenJoker Round
SEMBIC Tanguy6ABarebow MenJoker Round
ANGELESCU Codruta55ACompound WomenJoker Round
DANILET Anca63ACompound WomenJoker Round
DANILET Doru37CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
DANILET Ilinca56BCompound WomenJoker Round
KACSO Sandor18BRecurve MenJoker Round
BASHKIREV Alexey37BCompound MenJoker Round
GUK Maria49ECompound WomenJoker Round
LASUNIN Ilya28BCompound MenJoker Round
PROTASOV Andrey28FCompound MenJoker Round
SHOLOKHOV Kirill28BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
STAROSTINA Marina60BCompound WomenJoker Round
LJUBINKOVIC Marija50BCompound WomenJoker Round
BOŠANSKÝ Jozef3FCompound MenJoker Round
ELLISON Toja65ACompound WomenFinals
FERENCEK Aljaž39CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
KOSEC Dolores54DCompound WomenJoker Round
KOSEC Mihael4BBarebow MenJoker Round
MODIC Staš9ACompound MenJoker Round
SITAR Dejan54ACompound MenSession 1 Sunday (07:30-09:15)
ÅKERMAN Fredrik27FCompound MenJoker Round
ARLEFUR WÄLLSTEDT Marcus15FCompound MenJoker Round
BORGSTRÖM Hampus6CCompound MenJoker Round
KULLBERG Alexander2BCompound MenJoker Round
LIMÅS Joakim3BCompound MenJoker Round
LUNDIN Morgan60ACompound Senior MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
STRÖMBERG Linus49ACompound MenFinals
GARAM GaramRecurve MenSes. 0
JUNG EddyRecurve MenSes. 0
PARC TonyRecurve MenSes. 0
ANDERSON Steve1ACompound MenJoker Round
BUTTS Jimmy10DCompound MenJoker Round
CHECKEROSKI Tim6FCompound MenJoker Round
COUSINS Dave45ACompound MenFinals
DENTON DouglasRecurve MenSes. 0
ELLISON Brady21ARecurve MenFinals
GELLENTHIEN Braden1FCompound MenJoker Round
GOLD BrianCompound MenSes. 0
GORE Heather49CCompound WomenJoker Round
HOWARD Jeff38CCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LUCKY Aaron47BCompound MenSession 3 Sunday (11:30-13:15)
LUTZ James8BCompound MenJoker Round
MORGAN Tate43ACompound MenFinals
OCHOA-ANDERSON Linda67ACompound WomenFinals
PIERCE Paige68ACompound WomenFinals
PRICE Louis47ACompound MenFinals
TEDFORD Paul42ACompound MenFinals