The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 7 The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 7
Old Basing Archers (OBA)
Basingstoke, Hampshire, from 07-09-2019 to 8-09-2019
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 7
Compound Women [OFFICIAL After 72 Arrows]
Compound Women [OFFICIAL After 72 Arrows]
Country Code
Country or State Code
1GIBSON Ella1246Deer Park A333534516783713
2SARGEANT Bayley-Rose351Canterbury A331634426753611
3MASON Lucy1246Deer Park A33533336668379
4BRYAN Jenny964Sherwood A3261133936653010
5CORLESS Susan984Northampton AC336232886643611
6ANNISON Layla1355Norfolk B327833746643210
7LOADER Victoria427Andover A334432710661259
8MOON Sarah4Archery GB339132117660257
9O'SULLIVAN Lucy423A of Jersey325123337658289
10CARPENTER Isabelle831Barnsley AC3297324146532410
11NIGHTINGALE Ruth427Andover A317163355652264
12MERRY Nat272Oxford A32610325136512513
13BODE Amy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury327932315650218
14CLIFFORD Holly1246Deer Park A3231332612649234
15SINNETT-SMITH Lydia441City of Cambridge B3181532611644299
16PETRE Iulia2209Corby A3221431718639194
17CHAPPELL Grace1246Deer Park A3101932796372011
18BAIER Katharina272Oxford A3131732116634226
19A'BEAR Chloe1246Deer Park A3131831019623132
20CODLING Maddison853Assheton B3082030621614145
21MOON Teresa4Archery GB2902230720597156
22MEYRICK Sophie427Andover A3022129322595186
23TEML Debbie577Tockington A286232922357891
24WONG Shuk Kuen119Links Junior Archers284242842456882
25KINGSTONE Victoria259Guildford AC252252632551550
26POULTON Yvette403Waterside A215262152643053