The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5 The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5
Barnsley A.C. (BAC)
Barnsley A.C., Yorkshire, from 17-08-2019 to 18-08-2019
The Archery GB National Tour - Stage 5
Compound Women
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1Corless Susan984Northampton ACBye
Corless Susan133
Bode Amy136
9Bode Amy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury126
8Codling Maddison853Assheton B124
Bode Amy130
Barby Victoria133
5Rutland Anne684Wyre Forest C of A128
12Jones Paige2123Belvoir A123
Rutland Anne129
Barby Victoria131
13Neumann Helen962Welbeck A125Final
4Barby Victoria200Pentland A131Barby Victoria137
Rose Marina132
3Carpenter Isabelle831Barnsley AC135Bode Amy130
14Gray Verity731Meriden AC121Petre Iulia133
Carpenter Isabelle132
Rose Marina135
11Robb Kirsty1261Balbardie A121
6Rose Marina831Barnsley AC126
Rose Marina139*8
Petre Iulia1397
7Tutuianu Anca1197Bradford University AC121
10Petre Iulia2209Corby A133
Petre Iulia137
Boulton Hallie136
15Preece Rosemary1246Deer Park A116
2Boulton Hallie872B of Pendle & Samlesbury141