Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 3 Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 3
Surrey Archery (CSAA)
Tolworth Court Sports Ground, Surrey, from 14-07-2019 to 14-07-2019
Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 3
Compound Women
Compound Women
Country or State Code
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1PRIEELS Sarah1311Edinburgh University Archery C685-1-Bye-138142134141
2O'SULLIVAN Lucy423A of Jersey680-2-Bye-137137139138
3SARGEANT Bayley-Rose351Canterbury A672-5-Bye-137139133139
4BARBY Victoria200Pentland A670-6-Bye-135136139138
5MARTEL Elizabeth203Edinburgh Uni AC664-9135131142
6CLASON Stephanie1311Edinburgh University Archery C669-7-Bye-136136
6LOADER Victoria427Andover A674-4-Bye-141136
8NILSSON Jessica1311Edinburgh University Archery C636-19133134135
9A'BEAR Chloe1246Deer Park A669-8-Bye-128
9BODE Amy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury662-10135130
9BOLOU Carla349Crown A651-13128126
9CODLING Maddison853Assheton B654-11138132
9CORLESS Susan984Northampton AC676-3-Bye-129
9MERRY Nat272Oxford A652-12135129
9MOON TeresaC004Archery GB640-17128123
9SINNETT-SMITH Lydia441City of Cambridge B644-15137130
17ABRAHAM Kara203Edinburgh Uni AC629-20122
17BOULTON Hallie872B of Pendle & Samlesbury641-16126
17CHAPPELL Grace1246Deer Park A617-21126
17MORO Elisabeth498Newport Pagnell A571-24127
17PREECE Rosemary1246Deer Park A590-23106
17PRIOR Erin618Supermarine B639-18135
17ROBB Kirsty1261Balbardie A646-14130
17STEWART Josephine199St Andrews Uni AC615-22132