Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 2 Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 2
Surrey Archery (CSAA)
Tolworth Court Sports Ground, Surrey., from 13-07-2019 to 13-07-2019
Archery GB National Tour 2019 - Stage 2
Compound Women
1Gibson Ella1246Deer Park ABye
Gibson Ella139
Barby Victoria135
17Robb Kirsty1261Balbardie A129
16Barby Victoria200Pentland A132
Gibson Ella141
O'Sullivan Lucy139
9Loader Victoria427Andover A138
24Chappell Grace1246Deer Park A133
Loader Victoria139
O'Sullivan Lucy141
25Moon TeresaC004Archery GB135
8O'Sullivan Lucy423A of Jersey136
Gibson Ella142
Sargeant Bayley-Rose144
5Mason Lucy1246Deer Park A145
28Moro Elisabeth498Newport Pagnell A126
Mason Lucy141
A'Bear Chloe130
21A'Bear Chloe1246Deer Park A137
12Merry Nat272Oxford A133
Mason Lucy140
Sargeant Bayley-Rose141
13Bolou Carla349Crown A134
20Clason Stephanie1311Edinburgh University Archery C131
Bolou Carla124
Sargeant Bayley-Rose132
29Preece Rosemary1246Deer Park A120Gold
4Sargeant Bayley-Rose351Canterbury A141Sargeant Bayley-Rose140
Prieels Sarah141
3Prieels Sarah1311Edinburgh University Archery CByeGibson Ella142
 Bryan Jenny132
Prieels Sarah142
Nilsson Jessica136
19Prior Erin618Supermarine B139
14Nilsson Jessica1311Edinburgh University Archery C141
Prieels Sarah141
Martel Elizabeth129
11Boulton Hallie872B of Pendle & Samlesbury132
22Bode Amy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury139
Bode Amy134
Martel Elizabeth136
27Abraham Kara203Edinburgh Uni AC123
6Martel Elizabeth203Edinburgh Uni AC141
Prieels Sarah145
Bryan Jenny138
7Bryan Jenny964Sherwood A139
26Stewart Josephine199St Andrews Uni AC122
Bryan Jenny138
Petre Iulia132
23Codling Maddison853Assheton B135
10Petre Iulia2209Corby A136
Bryan Jenny144
Corless Susan141
15Clifford Holly1246Deer Park A141
18Sinnett-Smith Lydia441City of Cambridge B140
Clifford Holly136
Corless Susan143
2Corless Susan984Northampton ACBye