The UK Masters The UK Masters
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall NSCC, TF10 9AT, from 01-06-2019 to 2-06-2019
The UK Masters
Entries by Name
A - B - C
ALEXANDER Malcolm32A119LINKS ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
ANNISON Layla23C1355NORFOLK BCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
ATKINS Karen12C740BOWFLIGHTS ACBarebow WomenRanking Round (1440)
AUBREY Mike49C872B OF PENDLE & SAMLESBURYCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
AUBREY Wendy5C872B OF PENDLE & SAMLESBURYRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BAINTON Aaron45C1800B OF ST MARY'SCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BALE Martin35B1339RIVERNOOK BLongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
BARBER Stuart47A368STORTFORD ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BARBER Tom26C44Recurve MenRanking Round (1440)
BAYLIS Kayleigh6B90000LLANTARNAM ARCHERY CLUBRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BENNION Darren44B649YELVERTON BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BETTLES Sarah5B44Recurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BIRCH Charlotte4A2595WALLINGFORD CASTLE ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BLAKE Emily23A119LINKS ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
BOLOU Carlos46B349CROWN ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BOOTH Izabela7C786LONG MYND ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BOYNTON Rachel19C368STORTFORD ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
BRAMLEY David39B1035DERWENT BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BRIDGEWATER Neil45B1390HINXWORTH ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BROWN Neill42C1013LEICESTER A.O.F ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
BRUG Eleanor3C443CAMBRIDGE UNI BRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
BRYAN Jenny19B964SHERWOOD ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
BURNAGE Hannah7A717UNI OF WARWICKRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
CARPENTER Adam47C831BARNSLEY ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
CARPENTER Isabelle25B831BARNSLEY ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
CHAPMAN Bill52A1019B OF GLENCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
CHAUDHRY Saira3A662EXETER C OF ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
CHOPPING Chris34A660EXMOUTH ALongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
CLIFFORD Holly17A1246DEER PARK ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
CORLESS Susan23B984NORTHAMPTON ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
CORNFORD James39C919NEW CENTURY B (CHESHIRE)Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
COSSADE Eleonore3B272OXFORD ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
COVENEY Arthur26B1010LOUGHBOROUGH STUDENTS ACRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
CROW Jacqueline11A498NEWPORT PAGNELL ABarebow WomenRanking Round (1440)
D - F - G - H
DAVIS Emma8A717UNI OF WARWICKRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
DEGLER Simon28A948SELLAFIELD ACRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
DOOLEY Mark40C919NEW CENTURY B (CHESHIRE)Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
DUNCAN Tom41B731MERIDEN ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
FAULKNER Helen10B995LINCOLN ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
FISHER Jackie6C1261BALBARDIE ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
FOSTER Elizabeth24A896DURHAM UNI ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
FRETWELL Melanie16B2273AEQUUS ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
GADD Cliff37C44Longbow MenRanking Round (1440)
GEDDES Robyn21B1322LETHEN ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
GIBSON Ella18A1246DEER PARK ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
GILDER Sally4C697EVESHAM ACRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
GILL Steven41C1013LEICESTER A.O.F ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
GRAHAM Sandie14A1261BALBARDIE ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
GRASSIE Karen12A662EXETER C OF ABarebow WomenRanking Round (1440)
GRAY Lisa10C425B OF GUERNSEYRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
GRAY Zoe18C425B OF GUERNSEYCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
GROOM Chris49B618SUPERMARINE BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
HALL Conor26A35CITY OF BELFASTRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
HALL Tom30A731MERIDEN ACRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
HALLARD Samuel29A707RUGBY BRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
HARPER Rhys43C2327GRONANT BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
HASLAM Lewis53C1040ANCHOR B (DERBYSHIRE)Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
HAYDEN Gavin31A603CHIPPENHAM ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
HICKMAN Danny38A333SWAN ABarebow MenRanking Round (1440)
HIRST Fiona2A119LINKS ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
HOLMES Jacquie21C697EVESHAM ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
HORTON Katrina16C2343THE LONGBOW CLUBLongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
HUDSON Sheila13C810WHITE ROSE ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
HUSTON Patrick28B90002EAST BELFAST ARCHERY CLUBRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
I - J - K - L - M
IP Sherman30C717UNI OF WARWICKRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
IVANOV Kayleigh6A1261BALBARDIE ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
JAMES Steven46C907CLEADON ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
JAMIESON Gilbert28C1261BALBARDIE ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
JIBRAIL Jason27B2350PARADOX ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
JORDAN Martin34C828CHANTRY B ROTHERHAMLongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
JUDD Michael31C458MAYFLOWER ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
KEITH Becc19A901AYCLIFFE ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
KELLS Michael50B333SWAN ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
KELLY Nigel34B1625SOUTHAMPTON ACLongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
KERR Richard47B603CHIPPENHAM ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
KING Wendie5A458MAYFLOWER ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
LANE Nigel41A971WILFORD BOWMENCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
LARKINS Yulia2C312CRYSTAL PALACE BRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
LAWRENCE Sharon14C1210NOAK HILL ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
LOADER Victoria17C427ANDOVER ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
LOCK Oskars50C809YORK A SOCIETYCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
LOTT Karen11C260FARNHAM ABarebow WomenRanking Round (1440)
LOUCA Mary11B2571EAGLE B OF BEDFORDBarebow WomenRanking Round (1440)
MAHER Jonathan40A2575SILVERCLOUD ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
MALLET Eric36C490ABBEY B (ESSEX)Longbow MenRanking Round (1440)
MARTEL David50A694MALVERN ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
MASON Lucy25A1246DEER PARK ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
MCKEOWN Harry27C255NONSUCH BRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
MOON Sarah20A44Compound WomenRanking Round (1440)
MORRIS-SOPER Grant44A1339RIVERNOOK BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
N - P - R - S
NAIRN Thomas33A941ALSAGER ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
NEWNES Alex37A1759ABER ALongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
PARVESS Mike43A1339RIVERNOOK BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
PAUL Ruby8C983WELLINGBOROUGH OACRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
PAWLIK Marek48C1202FORT ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
PHILLIPS Nicola15C77ST KINGSMARK BLongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
PINDER Paul48B57RADNOR FORESTERSCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
PINDER Ryan31B57RADNOR FORESTERSRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
PITMAN Bryony7B44Recurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
PRETLOVE Jason46A2109PHOENIX A (ESSEX)Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
PRIEELS Sarah22B1311EDINBURGH UNI ARCHERY AL.Compound WomenRanking Round (1440)
PRIESTMAN Vlada10A873NETHERMOSS ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
PRIOR Erin24C618SUPERMARINE BCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
PRIOR John33C618SUPERMARINE BRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
RALLS Luke51C1501RN SOUTH COAST ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
RAVENSCROFT Adam51B740BOWFLIGHTS ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
REES Sam52B44Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
REID Jacob27A782ALLSCOTT HEATH ARecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
RICHARDS Carl42B731MERIDEN ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
ROBB Kirsty22C1261BALBARDIE ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
ROGERS Thea9A77ST KINGSMARK BRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
ROSE Marina17B831BARNSLEY ACCompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
RUTLAND Anne20C684WYRE FOREST C OF ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
RUTLEDGE Harriet14B264ATKINS ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
SARGEANT Bayley-Rose22A351CANTERBURY ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
SCOTT Andrew51A654REDRUTH ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
SCOTT Simon40B1035DERWENT BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
SHAW Adam48A570CLEVE ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
SMITH Anne1C1005THE FOXESRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
SPEIGHT Mark53A907CLEADON ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
STANGER Stewart44C111ORKNEY ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
STEPHENSON Rebecca4B871ROCHDALE C OF ARecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
T - V - W - Y
TAYLOR Eric52C129BANCHORY ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
TIPPING Rebekah9C739UNI OF BIRMINGHAM ACRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
TOHOVITIS George49A962WELBECK ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
TRUDGILL Ben29C1014KIRBY MUXLOE ACRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
TUCK Matthew45A246WOKING ACCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
TWIGG Rob36A660EXMOUTH ALongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
TWIGG Sophie13A660EXMOUTH ALongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
VINES Rachel2B618SUPERMARINE BRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
WALKER Tipaporn18B264ATKINS ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
WARNER Lizzie1A1014KIRBY MUXLOE ACRecurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
WATSON Mary15A2627PEACOCK ARCHERSLongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)
WATSON Ruth25C427ANDOVER ACompound WomenRanking Round (1440)
WATTS Steve36B926STALYBRIDGE ACLongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
WEBSTER Collette1B1126CASTLE A (DYFED)Recurve WomenRanking Round (1440)
WHITE Richard29B263CHESSINGTON BRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
WHITTINGHAM Alistair42A1311EDINBURGH UNI ARCHERY AL.Compound MenRanking Round (1440)
WILLCOX Norman35C1654BLANDY JENKINS ALongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
WILLIAMS Scott35A660EXMOUTH ALongbow MenRanking Round (1440)
WILSON Angus38C246WOKING ACBarebow MenRanking Round (1440)
WINNING Emma20B2109PHOENIX A (ESSEX)Compound WomenRanking Round (1440)
WISE Alex32C908B OF WALKERRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
WONG Matthew39A119LINKS ACompound MenRanking Round (1440)
WOOD Antony30B262CMO BRecurve MenRanking Round (1440)
YEOMAN Marcus43B649YELVERTON BCompound MenRanking Round (1440)
YOUNG Lynn16A890RIVERSIDE ACLongbow WomenRanking Round (1440)