Exmouth Archers Open Shoot Exmouth Archers Open Shoot
Exmouth Archers (EXA)
Withycombe Raleigh Common, Exmouth, UK, from 19-05-2019 to 19-05-2019
Participant List ordered by Target
Session 1
Country Name
1AAPLIN Antony654REDRUTH ARecurve Gentlemen - York
1BWILDE Gary650PAIGNTON ARecurve Gentlemen - York
1CCLARKSON Mark660EXMOUTH ACompound Gentlemen - York
1DDARLING Ray667BRIXHAM ARecurve Gentlemen - York
2AMELROSE Alan667BRIXHAM ARecurve Gentlemen - York
2BBROOM Matt645LACETOWN ACompound Gentlemen - York
2CLEDGERWOOD Thomas1380UNI OF EXETER ACRecurve Gentlemen - York
2DGLOVER Steve660EXMOUTH ACompound Gentlemen - York
3AYEOMAN Marcus649YELVERTON BCompound Gentlemen - York
3BNICHOLAS David2220JUNCTION ARecurve Gentlemen - York
3CKNIGHT David660EXMOUTH ACompound Gentlemen - York
4AYEATES Michael605B OF LYTCHETTLongbow Gentlemen - York
4BWILLIAMS Scott660EXMOUTH ALongbow Gentlemen - York
4CCHOPPING Chris660EXMOUTH ALongbow Gentlemen - York
4DCARDY Mark645LACETOWN ALongbow Gentlemen - York
5ATWIGG Rob660EXMOUTH ALongbow Gentlemen - York
5BNEILL Seth654REDRUTH ALongbow Gentlemen - York
5CHOSEGOOD Kenny654REDRUTH ALongbow Gentlemen - York
5DQUINN Chris662EXETER CO OF ALongbow Gentlemen - York
6ANILSEN Tony69PENTREF BRecurve Gentlemen - York
6BPARSONS Lee545B OF INARecurve Gentlemen - York
6CDANCE Trevor660EXMOUTH ARecurve Gentlemen - York
7AGATHERUM Jon645LACETOWN ACompound Gentlemen - York
7BSCOTT Andrew654REDRUTH ACompound Gentlemen - York
7CDAY Jon668B OF THE TORSRecurve Gentlemen - York
8ABROOM Wendy645LACETOWN ACompound Ladies - Hereford
8BWILLIAMS Karen660EXMOUTH ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
8CROSS Janet541WELLS CITY ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
8DCHAUDHRY Saira662EXETER CO OF ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
9AHILL Sharon667BRIXHAM ACompound Ladies - Hereford
9BCARDY Ben645LACETOWN ACompound Gentlemen - York
9DNICHOLAS Lucy2220JUNCTION ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
10ALANGDON-WARD Nicola667BRIXHAM ACompound Ladies - Hereford
10BDESAI Surabhi1380UNI OF EXETER ACRecurve Ladies - Hereford
10CHEMMINGS Rachel1554WELLINGTON BBarebow Ladies - Hereford
11ATWIGG Sophie660EXMOUTH ALongbow Ladies - Hereford
11BMARTYN Emma668B OF THE TORSLongbow Ladies - Hereford
11CSTAPLETON Michaela650PAIGNTON ALongbow Ladies - Hereford
11DBARRETT Jane662EXETER CO OF ALongbow Ladies - Hereford
12AWIX Mollie645LACETOWN ACompound Ladies - Hereford
12BMARTIN Judith549MID SOMERSET BCompound Ladies - Hereford
12CBICKELL Paul668B OF THE TORSRecurve Nationals
12DCUSACK Shelagh2220JUNCTION ABarebow Ladies - Hereford
13AHART Claire654REDRUTH ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
13BBARKER Zena654REDRUTH ARecurve Ladies - Hereford
13CGRASSIE Karen662EXETER CO OF ABarebow Ladies - Hereford
14AWOOD Jack660EXMOUTH ACompound Junior Gentlemen - Bristol 2
15ATRIM Cameron548YEO BBarebow Junior Gentlemen - Bristol 3
15BMARTYN Sophie668B OF THE TORSBarebow Junior Ladies - Bristol 3
16AWELLS Hannah645LACETOWN ARecurve Junior Ladies - Bristol 4
16BWELLS Oliver645LACETOWN ACompound Junior Gentlemen - Bristol 4
16CSCOTT Chloe654REDRUTH ACompound Junior Ladies - Bristol 4