The Archery GB National Indoor Championships 2018 The Archery GB National Indoor Championships 2018
Archery GB (AGB)
Stoneleigh Park, CV8 2LZ, from 02-12-2018 to 2-12-2018
Compound Women
Compound Women
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1PRIEELS Sarah1311Edinburgh Uni A.C. Alumni585-1148147148148145
2ANNISON Layla1355Norfolk B583-2141145143145143
3GIBSON Ella1246Deer Park A Ltd574-5142146145143145
4GREENWOOD Hope1311Edinburgh Uni A.C. Alumni580-3147145145143142
5CLARK Daisy459Chelmsford Tudor Rose571-11141141144
6BROWN Hannah2155Kent Police A.C.573-8143142141
7MASON Lucy1246Deer Park A Ltd574-7145141140
7ROBB Kirsty1261Balbardie A563-20144144140
9CLIFFORD Holly1246Deer Park A Ltd567-15144141
9FOSTER Elizabeth896Durham Uni AC562-24140140
9HOLMES Jacquie697Evesham AC563-21139143
9MOON SarahAGBArchery GB575-4-Bye-141
9OUTRAM EllieAGBArchery GB561-27140134
9PRIOR Erin618Supermarine B565-17141140
9RUTLAND Anne684Wyre Forest C of A564-19145136
9SARGEANT Bayley-Rose351Canterbury A572-10142141
17CARPENTER Isabelle831Barnsley AC559-28135
17CHAPPELL Grace1246Deer Park A Ltd566-16133
17CLASON Stephanie1311Edinburgh Uni A.C. Alumni569-12137
17CODLING Maddison853Assheton B559-30142
17FLACK Vicci333Swan A561-25140
17GRINHAM JodieAGBArchery GB559-31140
17JENNINGS Claudine1311Edinburgh Uni A.C. Alumni559-290
17LENNON RebeccaAGBArchery GB562-22136
17LOADER Victoria427Andover A568-14143
17LUCY O'Sullivan423A of Jersey569-13143
17NILSSON Jessica1311Edinburgh Uni A.C. Alumni574-6140
17PINE Phoebe1246Deer Park A Ltd565-18140
17SINNETT-SMITH Lydia441City of Cambridge B558-32140
17SPINKS Abbie993Silver Spoon B562-23136
17SWORD Michelle333Swan A561-26143
17WATSON Ruth427Andover A572-9139
33DUNCANSON Pamela907Cleadon A558-33
34PETRE Iulia2209Corby A558-34
35GEDDES Robyn1322Lethen A557-35
36BOULTON Hallie872B of Pendle & Samlesbury556-36
37BODE Amy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury555-37
38A'BEAR Chloe1246Deer Park A Ltd554-38
39SAMBRIDGE Marion1845Silver Arrow A554-39
40GALES Andrea246Woking A.C.553-40
41BYRNE Sinead1297Ballyvally A Banbridge551-41
42MIDROUILLET Cecile357Ashford A547-42
43WILLIAMS Amelia1246Deer Park A Ltd547-43
44WILSON Amanda1800B of St Mary's547-44
45AUBREY Wendy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury544-45
46JONES Paige2123Belvoir A543-46
47HARRIS Sheila692Redhill A542-47
48TROUT Sarah697Evesham AC536-48
49SPACKMAN Lucy521Reading A535-49
50REECE Tracy72Llandaff City B534-50
51PREECE Rosemary1246Deer Park A Ltd526-51
52LANE Kelly791Wilford Bowmen (Notts)523-52
53MCINTOSH Katrina333Swan A522-53
54BROWN Jill1013Leicester Ancient Order of For512-54
55WENCH Makayla2081Banbury Cross A509-55
56HALLIDAY-NODEN Rhona2327Gronant B507-56
57MCCUTCHEN Kate2663Archery Fit London506-57
58HALLIDAY-NODEN Rhona2327Gronant B494-58
59MOULE Jennifer2663Archery Fit London449-59