The UK Masters 2018 (Day 1)
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall NSCC, from 02-06-2018 to 2-06-2018
The UK Masters 2018 (Day 1)
Recurve Women
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1Piper Eleanor246Woking ACBye
Piper Eleanor6
Tipping Rebekah0
17Tipping Rebekah4Archery GB7
16Gray Lisa425B of Guernsey3
Piper Eleanor6
Birch Charlotte2
9Birch Charlotte2595Wallingford Castle Archers6
24Atkinson Susi488Ascham B2
Birch Charlotte6
Gilder Sally2
25Payne Samantha731Meriden AC0
8Gilder Sally697Evesham AC6
Piper Eleanor59
Tromans-Ansell Alyssia6*9*
5Tromans-Ansell Alyssia763Lichfield A6
28Cooper Lisa1520Pastures C of A2
Tromans-Ansell Alyssia6
Hirst Fiona2
21Hirst Fiona119Links A6
12King Wendie458Mayflower A2
Tromans-Ansell Alyssia6*10
Bettles Sarah59
13Cossade Eleonore272Oxford A3
20Ivanov Kayleigh1261Balbardie A7
Ivanov Kayleigh2
Bettles Sarah6
29Mackinnon Tara755Wolverhampton C of A0Final
4Bettles Sarah1246Deer Park A6Tromans-Ansell Alyssia6
Pitman Bryony4
3Larkins Yulia262Cmo B6Piper Eleanor6
30Haines Linda697Evesham AC0Larkins Yulia0
Larkins Yulia6*9*
Aubrey Wendy59
19Smith Anne1005The Foxes2
14Aubrey Wendy872B of Pendle & Samlesbury6
Larkins Yulia6
Bryant Emily0
11Faulkner Helen995Lincoln A2
22Bryant Emily1035Derwent B6
Bryant Emily6
Dunnighan Kate4
27Barker Zena1977Loco B1
6Dunnighan Kate907Cleadon A7
Larkins Yulia2
Pitman Bryony6
7Piper Louisa246Woking AC6
26Ginman Petra225Ditchling AC0
Piper Louisa7
Vines Rachel1
23Vines Rachel618Supermarine B6*9
10Priestman Vlada873Nethermoss A57
Piper Louisa4
Pitman Bryony6
15Rogers Thea4Archery GB58
18Beasley-Suffolk Hannah1500Netherhall A6*9
Beasley-Suffolk Hannah0
Pitman Bryony6
2Pitman Bryony214Worthing ACBye