The UK Masters 2018 (Day 1)
Archery GB (AGB)
Lilleshall NSCC, from 02-06-2018 to 2-06-2018
The UK Masters 2018 (Day 1)
Compound Women
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1Annison Layla1355Norfolk BBye
Annison Layla140
Rutland Anne128
17Duncanson Pamela904Heugh B134
16Rutland Anne699Droitwich AS137
Annison Layla148
Robb Kirsty141
9Merry Nat272Oxford ABye
Merry Nat134
Robb Kirsty135
8Robb Kirsty1261Balbardie ABye
Annison Layla144
Moon Sarah143
5Gibson Ella1246Deer Park ABye
Gibson Ella141
Moon Sarah144
21Sambridge Marion272Oxford A127
12Moon Sarah4Archery GB136
Moon Sarah143
Foster Elizabeth142
13Prior Erin618Supermarine B140
20Witham Gen425B of Guernsey130
Prior Erin137
Foster Elizabeth139
4Foster Elizabeth896Durham Uni ACByeAnnison Layla147
Holmes Jacquie140
3Mason Lucy1246Deer Park AByeMoon Sarah137
 Corless Susan142
Mason Lucy141
Stretton Jessica140
19Geddes Robyn1322Lethen A130
14Stretton Jessica1845Silver Arrow A136
Mason Lucy140
Corless Susan141
11King Anna482Colchester & District ACBye
King Anna135
Corless Susan139
6Corless Susan984Northampton ACBye
Corless Susan143
Holmes Jacquie144
7Gray Zoe425B of GuernseyBye
Gray Zoe139
Carpenter Isabelle142
10Carpenter Isabelle831Barnsley ACBye
Carpenter Isabelle142
Holmes Jacquie145
15Burfitt Pauline603Chippenham A136
18Blake Emily119Links A140
Blake Emily133
Holmes Jacquie145
2Holmes Jacquie697Evesham ACBye