The Archery GB National Series - Stage 1 The Archery GB National Series - Stage 1
Evesham AC (EAC)
Badsey Recreation Club, from 20-05-2017 to 20-05-2017
The Archery GB National Series - Stage 1
Compound Women
1Corless Susan984Northampton ACBye
Corless Susan128
Rutland Anne113
33Rutland Anne684Wyre Forest C of A116
32A'Bear Chloe1246Deer Park A101
Corless Susan132
Foster Lizzie138
17Chenery Julie526B of BurleighBye
Chenery Julie125
Foster Lizzie131
16Foster Lizzie896Durham Uni ACBye
Foster Lizzie133
Robb Kirsty131
9Townsend Linda1108Club AZ ABye
Townsend Linda123
Clason Stephanie122
24Clason Stephanie1311Edinburgh Uni Alumni ACBye
Townsend Linda1388
Robb Kirsty138*8*
25Witham Gen425B of GuernseyBye
Witham Gen116
Robb Kirsty134
8Robb Kirsty1261Balbardie ABye
Foster Lizzie134
Smith Hollie124
5Simpson Nicola272Oxford ABye
Simpson Nicola113
Spinks Abbie126
28Spinks Abbie993Silver Spoon BBye
Spinks Abbie130
Grinham Jodie128
21Grinham Jodie4Archery GBBye
Grinham Jodie124
Gibson Ella118
12Gibson Ella1246Deer Park ABye
Spinks Abbie95
Smith Hollie128
13Sword Michelle333Swan ABye
Sword Michelle125
Smith Hollie126
20Smith Hollie1035Derwent BBye
Smith Hollie134
Prior Erin126
29Prior Erin618Supermarine BBye
Prior Erin128
Barby Victoria123
4Barby Victoria200Pentland AByeFoster Lizzie136
Mason Lucy131
3Clark Daisy459Chelmsford Tudor RoseByeSmith Hollie125
 Burfitt Pauline127
Clark Daisy136
Petre Iulia117
30Petre Iulia2210Corby Archers JuniorsBye
Clark Daisy130
Burfitt Pauline131
19Burfitt Pauline603Chippenham ABye
Burfitt Pauline128
Blewett Rebecca118
14Blewett Rebecca371Hertford C of ABye
Burfitt Pauline128
Sargeant Bayley111
11Carpenter Isabelle831Barnsley ACBye
Carpenter Isabelle113
Sargeant Bayley128
22Sargeant Bayley351Canterbury ABye
Sargeant Bayley133
Codling Maddison131
27Codling Maddison853Assheton BBye
Codling Maddison130
Gales Andrea128
6Gales Andrea246Woking ACBye
Burfitt Pauline126
Mason Lucy133
7Hunt Nicky462Deben ACBye
Hunt Nicky130
Bryan Jenny125
26Bryan Jenny966Bramcote Archery ClubBye
Hunt Nicky131
Mason Lucy140
23Gray Verity731Meriden ACBye
Gray Verity113
Mason Lucy127
10Mason Lucy1246Deer Park ABye
Mason Lucy132
O'Sullivan Lucy125
15Merry Nat272Oxford ABye
Merry Nat134
Jamieson Karen125
18Jamieson Karen1261Balbardie ABye
Merry Nat128
O'Sullivan Lucy130
31Knight Kerys Lee984Northampton ACBye
Knight Kerys Lee114
O'Sullivan Lucy132
2O'Sullivan Lucy423A of JerseyBye