2014 Arizona State Outdoor Championships
Paseo Vista and Desert Sky Archers (PVAC)
Ben Avery Shooting Facility, from 03-05-2014 to 4-05-2014
Start List by Target
Session 1
1AHUBER KristinAACUSACompound Bow Cub Women
1BWILCOX ClaudiaCKCompound Bow Cub Women
1CADAM BaileyAACUSACompound Bow Cub Women
1DMCLEAN AutumnCKCompound Bow Cub Women
2ALORD KimberlyAACUSACompound Bow Cub Women
2BSCHLIEF MadisonCKCompound Bow Cub Women
2CMERRITT AshlynAACUSACompound Bow Cub Women
2DKATHRINS LaurenCKCompound Bow Cub Women
3ALORD NicoleAACUSACompound Bow Cub Women
3BYANEZ LauraPVUSACompound Bow Cub Women
4ANORTH LukeCKCompound Bow Cub Men
4BHANNEMANN AnthonyDSCompound Bow Cub Men
4CZIMMERMAN BrandonCKCompound Bow Cub Men
4DWAGNER ThompsonAACUSACompound Bow Cub Men
5ACORRIDORI JeremyCKCompound Bow Cub Men
5BBACHMAN RyanDSCompound Bow Cub Men
5CRITTER DallasCKCompound Bow Cub Men
5DBROOKER ChrisAACUSACompound Bow Cub Men
6AWALLIN JoshuaCKCompound Bow Cub Men
6BHEIDEBRECHT KoltonDSCompound Bow Cub Men
6CMONEY NicholasAZUSACompound Bow Cub Men
6DEVANS TurnerAACUSACompound Bow Cub Men
7ALONGBONS HaydenCKCompound Bow Cub Men
7BFAIRES BrianDSCompound Bow Cub Men
7CLEWIS TateAZUSACompound Bow Cub Men
7DTERSEY KolinDDUSACompound Bow Cub Men
8AADAM TaylorAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Women
8BSMITH BrookeAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Women
8CSMITH AleksandriaAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Women
8DMILLER MayaCKCompound Bow Bowman Women
9AVEIDMARK AbigailAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Women
10AGALLAGHER JackAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Men
10BNIELSEN PatrickCKCompound Bow Bowman Men
10CMCMILLEN MorganAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Men
10DJOHNSON TroyDSCompound Bow Bowman Men
11ACONWAY KaelAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Men
11BLEVARIO TravisCKCompound Bow Bowman Men
11CVEIDMARK IsaacAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Men
11DKOLKER RileyDSCompound Bow Bowman Men
12ANEILSON ZacharyAACUSACompound Bow Bowman Men
13ALORD StephanieAACUSACompound Bow Women
13BGILBURNE JillianAACUSACompound Bow Women
13CHULM SammieAACUSACompound Bow Women
13DNIELSEN HeatherCKCompound Bow Women
14APOTTER ColinAZUSACompound Bow Men
14BMACDONALD MatthewCKCompound Bow Men
14CSIMON AndrewAZUSACompound Bow Men
14DNIELSEN RyanCKCompound Bow Men
15AVICKERS DustinAZUSACompound Bow Men
15BBENNETT EricCKCompound Bow Men
15CBECK RobertROUSACompound Bow Men
15DHULM ToddAACUSACompound Bow Men
16ASMITH CourtneyAZUSACompound Bow Men
16BESCKELSON RoyCKCompound Bow Men
16CLONGSHORE SteveROUSACompound Bow Men
17AHENSBERRY KevinAZUSACompound Bow Men
17CALTISI LeanderDCCompound Bow Men
18AHICKS KimberlyCKCompound Bow Cadet Women
18BGAGLIANO LiaAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Women
18CELLIOTT JaneCKCompound Bow Cadet Women
18DMOSIER DevonAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Women
19AROBERTSON KayleeCKCompound Bow Cadet Women
19BGUNN DaniiAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Women
19CMORGAN RaleyDSCompound Bow Cadet Women
19DRUIZ AlexisPACompound Bow Cadet Women
20AHUARD HannahCKCompound Bow Cadet Women
20BMALHI TarranumAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Women
20CBUTLER BlakeleeDSCompound Bow Cadet Women
20DCOX CassidyNMCompound Bow Cadet Women
21ACUEBAS JordanCKCompound Bow Cadet Men
21BLEWIS WesleyAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Men
21CKATHRINS AlexCKCompound Bow Cadet Men
21DWHITE Michael V.K.AACUSACompound Bow Cadet Men
22ALOPEZ SamuelCKCompound Bow Cadet Men
22BVEIDMARK QuaidAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Men
22CBACHMAN TylerDSCompound Bow Cadet Men
22DBENOIT WilliamDSCompound Bow Cadet Men
23AYEE SpencerCKCompound Bow Cadet Men
23BSENATRO StevenAACUSACompound Bow Cadet Men
23CNOLTE JacobDSCompound Bow Cadet Men
23DJOHNSON CodyPACompound Bow Cadet Men
24ABROWN RolandAACUSACompound Bow Masters 70 Men
25ABELZNER CatherinePSEUSACompound Bow Masters 50 Women
26ACOOK EddyAZUSACompound Bow Masters 50 Men
26CBELZNER StevenPSEUSACompound Bow Masters 50 Men
29ASCHRAND MarkAZUSACompound Bow Visually Impaired Men
30AOSTLING TuriaPVUSARecurve Bow Women
30CSTRICKLAND AshleyAZUSARecurve Bow Women
31ACHARLEY MelvinNAURecurve Bow Men
31BFURMAN RobertAACUSARecurve Bow Men
31CWATT KeithAZUSARecurve Bow Men
31DPEACOCK SethCOUSARecurve Bow Men
32AGREYEYES GarinNAURecurve Bow Men
32BVAINAUSKAS AdamPARecurve Bow Men
32CLITZLER BrettAZUSARecurve Bow Men
32DPAVLOV VadimNVNRecurve Bow Men
33AROSENFIELD AlanCKRecurve Bow Men
33BTSOSIE EmmittAZUSARecurve Bow Men
34ABELL RebeccaPVUSARecurve Bow Junior Women
34BWEILER HeatherAAAUSARecurve Bow Junior Women
34CYAMAGUCHI KarissaPVUSARecurve Bow Junior Women
35AMATEO AndrewPVUSARecurve Bow Junior Men
35BCOLE DonniePARecurve Bow Junior Men
35CAGHILI ArdesherPVUSARecurve Bow Junior Men
36AKIM SuePVUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
36BLIVINGSTON ElizabethDSRecurve Bow Cadet Women
36CAGHILI YasminPVUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
36DDEL PRINCIPE IsabellaDSRecurve Bow Cadet Women
37ARODRIGUEZ EleanorPVUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
37BALLEN SamanthaDSRecurve Bow Cadet Women
37CBRAMBILA JessicaAZUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
37DEALY SydneyAZUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
38ASPORE SidneyPVUSARecurve Bow Cadet Women
39AWATSON SamuelPSEUSARecurve Bow Cadet Men
39BCASTRO MichaelCKRecurve Bow Cadet Men
40AAPREA DavidPPGRecurve Bow Masters 70 Men
41AMCKINNEY RickPVUSARecurve Bow Masters 60 Men
42ASPORE GailPVUSARecurve Bow Masters 50 Women
43AMCCURRY JohnCKRecurve Bow Masters 50 Men
44ASALVADOR IrisPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
44BWAPNIARSKI ZoeyAAAUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
44CPETERSHEIM HaleyPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
44DBRAMBILA ChristinaAZUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
45ABOYLE MayaPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
45BGRASS Riley S.DSRecurve Bow Cub Barebow Recurve
45CFOSTER AlexPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Women
46ABOYLE ChandraPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Men
46BBULLIS BrianPARecurve Bow Cub Men
46CNAM SamuelPVUSARecurve Bow Cub Men
47AMCGARRY CiaraDSRecurve Bow Bowman Women
47BMAURER SamanthaPVUSARecurve Bow Bowman Women
47CSEVERNS TeaganDSRecurve Bow Bowman Barebow Recurve
48AHJERPE WaylonAAAUSARecurve Bow Bowman Men
48BNAM NathanaelPVUSARecurve Bow Bowman Men
48CPARK AndrewPSEUSARecurve Bow Bowman Men
48DKOSOROK KaleDSRecurve Bow Bowman Men