2012 Nor'easter present by B-Stinger 2012 Nor'easter present by B-Stinger
State Archery Association of Massachusetts (SAAM)
Prowse Farm, Canton, MA, USA, from 08-06-2012 to 10-06-2012
2012 Nor'easter present by B-Stinger
Compound Cadet Men
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
1Button DannyWIWisconsinBye
Button Danny137
O'flarity Jamie122
9O'flarity JamieCTConnecticut126
8Abell Cory M.VTVermont124
Button DannyBye
Weinstein Charlie 
5Weinstein CharlieMEMaine139
12Brush TylerCTConnecticut127
Weinstein Charlie129
Hall Jared122
13Higgins CooperMAMassachusetts124Final
4Hall JaredCTConnecticut138Button Danny143
Bee Christopher L.139
3Bee Christopher L.MIMichigan136Weinstein Charlie133
14Weiss ConnorCTConnecticut106Fink Greg139
Bee Christopher L.134
Eilinger Hayden124
11Eilinger HaydenMEMaine141
6Hanley KolbyVTVermont138
Bee Christopher L.142
Fink Greg141
7Lolmaugh StephenMEMaine 
10Bell JimmyMAMassachusettsBye
Bell Jimmy132
Fink Greg135
15Trahan SethMAMassachusetts86
2Fink GregMIMichigan140